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Without the Five zone induction hob It is very easy to leave a pan on the stove and forget about It – or to take the pan off without switching off the burner. Flames are dangerous in any home. Chip pan fires caused by hot fat boiling out of the pan and catching light on the hob are a major cause - but this is a danger that is easy to avoid without compromising on cooking equipment.

Modern induction hobs do not have an open flame – one of the reasons why they are appearing in more and more professional kitchens. An induction hob looks much the same as any other ceramic cooktop, usually with distinct zones where you can place your pots and pans. The cooking surface is made from tough, heat-resistant glass-ceramic such as Schott CERAN®. Inside each cooking zone, there's a tightly wound coil of metal. When you turn on the power, an alternating current flows through the coil and produces an invisible, high-frequency, alternating magnetic field all around it. Unless there's a pan on the cooking zone, no heat is produced: the cooking zone remains cold. Place a pan on the cooking zone and the magnetic field produced by the coil penetrates the iron inside it. The magnetic field induces whirling electrical (eddy) currents inside the pan, turning into a heater - put simply the pan gets hot not the surface. Heat from the pan flows directly into the food or water inside it (by conduction). Induction is very fast to react - actually quicker than gas and the latest induction hobs offer settings from keep warm to boost which brings pan to the boil very quickly.

Cleaning is easier – the surface does not get hot so spills can’t burn on. Zones can be combined (called bridging) for larger pots and pans. . Safety key lock means kids can't switch the hob on - and in any case nothing happens unless there is a pan containing ferrous metal actually on the hob. You can put a £10 note under a pan, switch it on and although the liquid in the pan will get hot the note will not burn

CDA HN9611FR: Five zone induction hob

FeaturesFive zone induction hob

Front control

Electronic touch control

9 power levels

Automatic pan detection

Overheat detection

Overflow detection

Small object detection

Pause/restart function

Melt function

Keep warm function

Simmer function

Left zones bridging function

Right zones bridging function

Booster function: 2 boost levels on each zone

Timer: 99 minute timer

Time limit security system

Easy clean surface

Residual heat indicators

LED display

Safety key lock

Auto safety switch off

For more information about the Five zone induction hob please visit, 01949 862 000


April 10, 2018

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