Caravan holidays this Christmas!

Typically people only consider caravan hire during the warmer seasons, unless you're wanting to camp around Australia. Where going on a caravan holiday during the winter months might be a wiser idea.

Here at Caravan Industry & Park Operator, we believe any season is the perfect season for caravan holidays, especially Christmas, as it is the season to be spent with your family. Do make sure you get the best deal possible and compare caravan hire prices across the web! We've rounded up top 4 locations to explore during the festive season as well as some useful tips to keep in mind!caravan holiday in snow



Why not indulge yourself and family with some stunning views of snowy mountain tops and eat your body weight in swiss chocolate this Christmas?  The people in Switzerland have a reputation of being polite and friendly. Driving in Switzerland shouldn't be too bad as the roads are generally in good condition, but do take into account weather conditions as that will affect your travel time. Be careful as trailers over 3.5 tonnes will have to fork out for a heavy vehicle fee. 


Winter tip: If there is snow on the ground, make sure to clear any snow from underneath your vehicle so that air vents are kept clear.



If you fancy a slightly warmer Christmas this year then maybe consider south of Spain to avoid the heavy rains up North. The average temperature in the south of Spain fluctuates from 8C to 17C. Imagine having a wide selection of tapes for your Christmas dinner, it's a widely known fact that calories don't count when travelling and especially during Christmas. Keep in mind that many roads in Spain are subject to toll charges and those will be marked with "AP" sign. Speeding is frowned upon in Spain, maximum speed on motorways is holiday in spain


Winter tip: Continental caravans are amazing for winter caravaning as they often come with underfloor heating, which is bound to make your experience more enjoyable. 



Spend festive season sipping German lager and washing it down with some delicious cold meats and sweet treats. Germany is filled with great caravan and camping sites that are open all year round.  It's worth keeping in mind that while the famous German Autobahn is great for high speeding, that is not the case while driving a motorhome or towing a caravan. If you rent your caravan in Germany, ensure it's tested by German authorities so you're allowed to speed along at 63mph, otherwise, you'll be stuck snail-pace driving around at 50mph. 


Winter tip: Insulate your water container with a "hat" as water freezes from the top down. 



If your family love a brisk breeze of the sea wind, why not spend your festive season on the North Sea coast? Most of the country is under sea level, making it a very flat driving experience. Majority of campsites in Netherland are equipped with most things you'll need like WiFi, making it a stress-free caravanning experience for the whole family - you won't miss any of your Skype calls with your loved ones! 


Winter tip: Ensure moving parts of the caravan are well oiled, especially if the temperatures are expected to fall below 0C, to prevent seizing.Caravan holiday by the coast


November 20, 2018

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