16,137 Kilometres to Beijing

Dream tour across nine countries to All in CARAVANING
40 caravanning enthusiasts travelling overland via the Silk Road from Düsseldorf to China’s capital

Dragon dances, drumrolls, fanfares, popping champagne corks and smiling faces – at the end of the journey half way around the world, travellers were in for a spectacular welcome in China’s capital. 40 caravaners received a warm welcome at the All in CARAVANING trade fair as honorary guests. The travel group from Germany, Switzerland and France was on tour for ten weeks, crossing nine countries and covering 16,137 kilometres over land.

The dream tour with motorhomes connected Düsseldorf with Beijing via the Silk Road. “We were lucky enough to experience a ten-week adventure with impressive routes through endless deserts, across massive mountain ranges and through electrifying metropolises. On the way we met an enormous amount of friendly, helpful and open-minded people,” says Tour Manager Kostya Abert.  

This very special trip of adventure has left participants with an endless number of wonderful impressions and insights, humbled and moved by the beauty and blazing colours of nature. Gabriele and Claus Dieter Schreiber from Colditz/Germany have travelled by motorhome over almost every continent on the globe, but were overwhelmed by the spectacular natural sites along the Silk Road: “We found the mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan the most moving when we observed wild yaks grazing.  And the magnificent places along the Silk Road such as Chiwa, Bukhara and Samarkand or the Taklamakan Desert deeply impressed us,” raves Gabriele Schreiber. 

Traffic chaos in Moscow, nerve-wracking waiting times at border crossings, endless expanses, harsh steppe environments, 16,137 Kilometres to Beijingadventurous roads, breath-taking mountainscapes, new cultures, the treasures of mankind, hospitable peoples, the Himalayas on the horizon – this dream tour was extremely varied and packed with highlights. “Only caravanning enthusiasts can experience such a wealth of wonderful impressions. With this way of travelling you can breathe in the aroma of the steppe, enjoy freedom every single day and be carried away by the bliss and the encounters, experiences and natural impressions,” says Kostya Abert trying to describe the fascination of caravanning.   

All participants in the group completed the journey safe and sound putting up with three punctures, a minor rear-end collision and a burst side window as well as the thin air in the Tibetan mountains or the blazing heat in the Chinese city of Xian (45°C). Some incidents during the 67-day dream tour will definitely stay on travellers’ minds. “At the Caspian Sea we ended up with wet feet in the early morning when the wind drove the sea water onshore flooding our shoreline site. Many vehicles could not free themselves and had to be towed by the 4-wheel mobile homes,” remembers Abert. The Kyrgyz mountain road leading to Bishkek has also left an impression since a massive storm flushed stones, mud and rubble onto the driving lanes so that the vehicles got stuck for 14 hours. Unlike many local drivers caught in their cars, the affected caravanning fans were able to bridge the involuntary hold-up quite comfortably.  

Kostya Abert is known to many visitors of CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf as a protagonist of the popular Dream Tour Cinema. Since 2009 he and his colleagues Janette Emerich and Uwe Hamm have whisked away trade fair visitors with their fascinating multi-vision shows. Supported by state-of-the-art AV technology, breath-taking images, music and acoustic impressions of their voyages they cover their dream tours live, taking their visitors along to another world.

At this year’s CARAVAN SALON in Düsseldorf Abert will present the highlights of this trip from Düsseldorf to Beijing at the “Traumtouren-Kino” at 4.00 pm every day.  

All travel reports of this dream tour are also available at www.caravan-salon.de



August 29, 2017

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