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More than just park Wifi… 

  • Superfast Residential Broadband services along with telephone options for caravans
  • Bespoke and discreet Wireless Solutions, no digging, no trenches, no disruption
  • Improve your park services whilst earning Revenue
  • Fully supported service – we take the stress away by dealing direct with your owners.

The main reason that caravan and holiday park owners are unhappy with onsite Wi-Fi is because their existing systems simply don't provide enough online time, sufficient speed and data in order to meet a modern family's requirements.

You may have discovered your customers' internet needs are constantly changing, only a matter of a few years ago people wanted to go on holiday to escape the internet however now you've no doubt realised that many people can't go on their holiday without it. Whether it's chatting with friends on social media, watching catch up TV or keeping the kids happy with access to online games on their Xbox, it seems like a holiday is no longer complete without fast, reliable internet.


You'll be glad to hear that you no longer need to regularly invest on upgrading your Park Wi-Fi systems to keep up with your customers' demands, there is now a ready available solution which is proven to be cost effective for your business and provides a high quality broadband service for your customers.


Kencomp Internet can provide wireless broadband services to each of your individual caravans or lodges. Each property has its own individual high quality service and most importantly wireless means no trenches, diggers, cables or any disruption to your park.


We make broadband easy!
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December 21, 2017

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