Cloud - the latest buzzword in computing

The world now uses the Cloud like never before. It’s where we get the latest news and weather, view happy snaps of our friends on social media, be reminded when our next appointment is due, and it’s all “in the cloud.” 

At the end of last year it was estimated that 90% of businesses in the United Kingdom were using at least one cloud service. The big question is why? The simple answer is that cloud computing increases efficiency, makes businesses more competitive and most importantly more profitable.

RMS has always been at the cutting edge of technology and “ahead of the pack”.

So with the advent of the Cloud RMS saw the enormous potential for the UK park industry. No longer would parks need to invest in expensive computers that constantly need upgrading, not to mention the high cost of calling in IT experts when things go wrong.

One of the greatest advantages is that with a cloud based system all your data is constantly and securely backed-up. So even if your computer “hangs itself” you can fire your laptop and instantly be back in business!” 

The cloud is revolutionising the hospitality industry and businesses, but it remains a mystery to many park owners and operators. Says Jeff Swanson - RMS UK MD. “Many don’t fully appreciate the incredible advantages cloud computing offers.”

It has also made it a lot easier for park management. “The Cloud is, without doubt, the new wave of the future and the benefits are obvious” Jeff says,“Cloud computing is simpler, cheaper and much easier to use.”

“No longer are park operators chained to their office desk. As long as there’s an internet connection your business comes with you” says Jeff. Cloud - the latest buzzword in computing

RMS has just updated its latest fully integrated product suite aptly titled RMS Hospitality Cloud. Mobile, cost effective, integrated and easy to use, it is everything that a cloud based product offering should be.  

“Totally cloud based it offers the complete package. Depending on your needs can include point of sale interfaces, “book now” buttons for instant booking from your park’s website, not to mention seamless booking channel and revenue and reputation management interfaces” , says Jeff,

“The costs, are also far less compared with the expense of setting up, updating and maintaining in-house systems.”


June 11, 2018

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