CPES launch simple to use contactless card payment meters

New to the CPES product portfolio – a din rail mounted RFID card meter, the world’s first four module MID Approved RFID card payment meter. 

Traditional card payment meters had a slot that a paper card had to be inserted into for credit transfer. The paper cards caused problems if they got damp or dirt on the cards prior to insertion into the meter. Security is also an issue as there CPES launch simple to use contactless card payment metersare numerous sources for the cards if the code for the meter is known. 

With RFID, the card is simply held over the reader embedded into the meter, just as you would use any contactless card.

The current rating of the meter is 63A therefore the meter can be utilised for any touring, holiday home or lodge development. 

Used in conjunction with our Alpha software, a card reader and re-usable plastic cards this is a simple yet versatile way of ensuring payment for electricity prior to consumption. 

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Exhibition Date: 
Tuesday, 15 January 2019 - 4pm
January 15, 2019

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