Electric cars - what does this mean for caravans and motorhomes?

Electric cars are one of the next big things on the market, but are they going to replace the classic holiday caravan? Like it or not, it seems as though they’re here to stay, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be changing.

These days, caravans and motorhomes are often described as being too wasteful or inefficient considering they’re essentially an entire house, albeit a small one. However, with the improvements in electric engines and appliance, we might be seeing caravans turning up alongside electric lease cars in the near future, with their own 100-percent-electric solar-powered cooking equipment. Not only will this be a greener caravan, but if you combine it with an electric car, you’ll keep your destination unpolluted and the air fresh no matter how long you spend there.

Motorhomes are even more likely, since the coming proliferation of electric vehicles means you’ll probably see more and more of them with solar panels, more efficient designs, and a much cleaner look to distinguish it from its petrol-powered peers.

But will they become more expensive? Well, yes… to buy them, at least. But the beauty of a caravan or motorhome is that you can get them from car leasing services, picking them up at the start of your holiday and bringing them back at the end – no need to keep it lying around at home taking up space, especially if you only take holidays like that ever couple of years.Electric cars - what does this mean for caravans and motorhomes?

There’s also the issue of charging them… what if it runs out of power in the middle of nowhere? Well, it would actually be more solvable than with a petrol engine! Your battery could recharge itself via solar power or a large emergency hand-charging tool, or it could be stocked with emergency power banks to keep it running until you get to somewhere more convenient. In the worst cases, you’d just have to wait a day for the sunlight to charge the battery, then you’re good to go!

Caravans and motorhomes aren’t going away any time soon – we’re going to see more of them than ever. The only thing is, they’re not going to be quite the same, so you’ll need to get used to the new look, feel, sound and style of your holiday vehicles. The benefits, however, make this more than worth it for any holidaymaker!

Article written by https://www.gogreenleasing.co.uk/

February 5, 2018

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