Forget Wi-Fi…The Future is Broadband! 

Add Value to your Business and Generate Revenue through Broadband Solutions.

The future for caravan owners is to have a fully featured broadband service; a traditional Wi-Fi service will not cut it anymore!  Kencomp Internet offers a full residential broadband service in a caravan to run smart TVs and gaming consoles without a hitch. 

Broadband vs Wi-Fi – The Benefits 

A broadband connection will support the use of technology such as smart TVs, remote home controls (heating), Netflix, games consoles and streaming along with the facility of having a VoIP telephone service and most importantly security with a unique external IP address.  A park wide Wi-Fi network is a shared network where at busy times of the day such as evenings and weekends the W-Fi can be spread thinly due to multiple users, this means that individual speeds will slow down and it may limit browsing. If a caravan has a broadband connection then the service is fully secure and unique to that caravan only. Forget Wi-Fi…The Future is Broadband! 

The good news for you as a park owner is that alongside offering broadband on a wireless park network through Kencomp Internet, you can also generate a sustainable income stream whilst keeping your owners happy. Kencomp Internet will do all the hard work by liaising with your owners directly to ensure that they are fully set up with the package which suites them best and to be on hand 7 days a week to assist with any queries. There is always a real person to talk to at the other end of the phone rather than an automated message or a long hold queue. 

All our networks are built using microwave radio technology. This means …no wires, no digging, no disruption. We use a series of discreet and modern radios which we can colour match or camouflage to the surroundings.  Perfect for all styles and sizes of park. 

IForget Wi-Fi…The Future is Broadband! nvest and we will do the rest….

Kencomp operate and support the services

Kencomp deal directly with your owners 

You can earn revenue from monthly subscriptions. 

A fully wireless service – no digging!

Flexible end user-contracts 

Unlimited Data packages available

Get ahead of the game and call our expert and friendly team for a no obligation quotation for your park.

Kencomp Internet 01539 989145 or email


June 19, 2018

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