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"How can I increase bookings for my glamping accommodation?” This frequently asked question is often heard from glampsite owners who continuously seek to boost their occupancy. Glampsites.com can help you achieve that coveted ‘fully booked’ status. The online booking website, tailored specifically for the glamping industry, makes it easy for holidaymakers to search, find and book your glamping accommodation online. So how can Glampsites help you generate more bookings? Leona Mills, Marketing Manager at Glampsites shows you how.

Get noticed in a growing market
The glamping industry is on the rise; both in popularity from consumers booking glamping breaks but also in the number of new glamping sites opening up as demand increases.  With multiple glamping accommodation choices available to the consumer, you need to ensure that your glamping site stands out in this crowded marketplace.

graph.jpg ​Searches for “Glamping” in the UK as recorded by Google Trends

Establish an online presence
Glampsites enhances the visibility of your glamping accommodation on Google and other search engines. We introduce you to holidaymakers searching online for accommodation just like yours, by matching your glamping site with potential guests’ requirements. We drive targeted and relevant traffic to your Glampsites listing unlocking new booking opportunities to help grow your business.

By actively promoting your glamping accommodation we help your glampsite to get noticed by exposing you to a fresh market of opportunity where you can capture new customers and ultimately generate more bookings. We are an extension of your own marketing efforts, publicising your accommodation through multiple marketing outlets including social media, blogs, email marketing, events, press and media and more.


Welcome third party bookings
Within recent years we have observed a growth in online bookings made via third party booking websites. The rise in Online Travel Agent (OTA) websites is largely driven by holidaymakers who want the convenience and ability to search across multiple locations, filtering and sorting by area, price, customer reviews and features to suit their individual preferences. As already experienced by the Hotel industry, we believe that over the coming years, there will be a rise in consumer demand for these comparison based websites specific to the glamping industry.

By 2020 it’s estimated that 50% of all travel will be booked online and through mobile devices*.  There is no doubt that many of your competitors are listing on OTA websites to showcase their glamping accommodation so it’s important that you too list on third party sites to not only enhance your brand awareness and visibility online but also to reduce the risk of potential customers booking a competitor offering.

Integrate your booking system
There are two main reasons why glampsite owners shy away from listing on OTA websites. The first is the perceived hassle of managing bookings from multiple sources and the second is the risk of double bookings. Both of these worries can be overcome by simply integrating your booking system with Glampsites.

There are two types of integration, iCal feeds and API integration. The iCal feed is essentially a read-only version of your availability. We will automatically download availability every 15 minutes from your booking system and add this to Glampsites, keeping Glampsites in-sync with your booking system. The API integration connects your booking system directly with Glampsites so your availability and pricing is automatically updated with full synchronisation. Therefore bookings received on Glampsites are automatically sent to your booking system; you save valuable time as there is no need to manually key the bookings into your system.

The integration option available to you will depend on the online booking system that you use. Glampsites integrate and synchronise availability with many booking systems such as CampManager, CampBooker, SuperControl, FreetoBook, Bedful and Anytime Booking. Click here to find out more.

Don’t limit yourself with exclusivity contracts
Some OTAs will tie you into an exclusivity contract if you want to have a bookable listing on their website, prohibiting you from advertising your glamping accommodation via other OTA websites. At Glampsites we encourage you to have a web presence on multiple shop windows so you have more opportunities to attract and convert potential customers into bookings. That’s why there are no joining fees, contracts or exclusivity with Glampsites. Best of all it is free to list your glamping accommodation on our site.

Paying Commission versus More Bookings
Some glamping site owners are initially hesitant about paying a commission for bookings. Commission charges vary in the marketplace and the higher rates can significantly eat into your profit. At Glampsites we charge a low and competitive rate of 10% commission on actual bookings received. It takes time, money and a lot of effort to establish an online presence but with Glampsites’ help you will soon be upping your occupancy and enjoying more new and repeat bookings. You have to weigh up whether you would rather pay 10% commission or have your glamping accommodation lying empty? Remember that there are no fees to be listed on Glampsites, the 10% fee only comes into play when a booking is received.

Get ready to welcome more guests with Glampsites!
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*Data from Euromonitor International
March 7, 2018

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