Holiday Park WiFi – Wireless alone doesn’t cut it!

If you are serious about providing amazing Holiday Park WiFi across your site then you need to be thinking about the wired network as well.

Since we’ve been operating in the WiFi market, it's been standard practice to place access points around a site, using 2.4 GHz for the client access and 5ghz for the backhaul network. Each access point is shared between around 30 Static Caravans, and each Caravan could have 4-10 devices. As you can imagine, 300-400 devices per access point is never going to offer optimal connectivity. In fact, it will often totally overload the Wireless network resulting in an extremely frustrating time for your guests.

Owner’s and guest’s expectations from broadband are also increasing; indeed, they expect to be able to get the same experience on the Holiday Park WiFiHoliday Park WiFi – Wireless alone doesn’t cut it! as they do at home. They want to watch streaming TV services, listen to Spotify and let their children play on their games consoles. Not to mention stay in touch using VoIP, Facetime, and Skype. This is not normally possible using Holiday Park WiFi due to the high latency between access points.

In addition to this, new build Caravan and Lodges feature much higher levels of insulation and Bronzed Glass windows which act as a faraday cage and prevents the signal getting inside the Caravan or Lodge, even if the signal is strong outside.

 Adding Client Premise Equipment to a WiFi-based network does not address the above fully, as you still have network throughput, latency and line of sight problem - not to mention increased support issues additional hardware entails.



Fibre and Ethernet are your Friends for superior Holiday Park WiFi

The answer is to stop treating Holiday Park WiFi as a secondary service and treat it as a primary utility. By making use of Fibre and Ethernet deployments, it is possible to provide each Lodge/Static Caravan with speeds of up to 1Gbs internet, with no latency and no throughput issues. What's more, customers are happy to pay for a good quality service. Imagine being able to charge £10-£20 per month for High-Speed WiFi to each of your units. A typical park of say Holiday Park WiFi – Wireless alone doesn’t cut it!200 pitches, and 50% uptake could be bringing in £1,000-£2,000 per month revenue. The lifetime of the wired solution is much longer than Wireless, so your investment needs refreshing far less often. This more than covers the cost of a dedicated Leased Line to ensure you can meet the bandwidth requirements for the park.

Fibre is run in a small 4-inch trench to various location around the park and terminated into an external cabinet. From the Cabinet, an Ethernet cable runs to each pitch and the customer purchases a small router that they plug in (or it can be provided pre-installed as part of the setup). It's centrally managed and configured just like your BT router. Each Cabinet can serve units a maximum distance of 100M and can support 100+ pitches.



But what about that elusive, Home from Home experience?

Using the network design above, we now have a dedicated holiday home network allowing for both wired and wireless connections. The Wireless connection is secured via industry standard WPA2 encryption and allows for multiple devices to be connected simultaneously.  You can connect 4 wired devices to the router as well for devices that do not support WiFi.

Our Home from Home WiFi is ideal for Owner Caravans, Holiday Lodges and Holiday Homes.


  • Always on, no captive portal to stop applications working
  • Allows streaming of Netflix, Amazon, Sky and BBC IPlayer
  • Connect games consoles and smart TV systems
  • Low latency, high speed connections
  • Secure, encrypted network to protect users
  • Transmit staff, guest and resident networks from the same box
  • Allow owners to set their own SSID and Passwords using online tools.


Cloud-Based Holiday Park WiFI Management

The Affinity Router is managed via our easy to use cloud platform, Affinity Sentinel.  Our platform allowsHoliday Park WiFi – Wireless alone doesn’t cut it! you to change the network SSID and encryption passphrase, monitor bandwidth consumption and view and control connected devices.

Furthermore, you can opt to broadcast a normal Guest WiFi network for instance where the dwelling is also rented out or to provide additional fill in coverage around the park to enable a better roaming experience.

Advanced features such as real-time network issue mapping, SMS alerting should a core network component fail and an easy to understand network link monitor make Affinity Sentinel the most comprehensive network and WiFi management tool on the market.


Call Affinity WiFI to discuss how our superior Fibre optic networks can work for you.  You can call us on 01953 202 004 or email us at



May 3, 2017

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