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Picturesque location. Nearby attractions. High speed internet connection.

These are all equally important to holiday guests when choosing their next destination!  We can’t help you with the first two, but quality Wi-Fi networks are our speciality. 

With 73% of adults now accessing the internet on the go and 99% of all 12-15s online for over 21 hours per week (Office for National Statistics & Ofcom), being connected to the Internet is now expected anytime and anywhere.  Holiday park guests are increasingly demanding the same service from their park Wi-Fi as they get at home.

Infinium work with over 290 UK holiday parks and are specialists in providing tailored solutions for single site holiday parks through to multi-site leisure resorts.

There are different types of Wi-Fi solutions available to you dependent upon your budget.  We will always make time to understand your business and your exact requirements but in summary the options are:

Indoor Wi-Fi 

Usually a service offered within central facilities, such as restaurants and retail environments.  It requires a minimum of one access point which guests connect to via a gateway.  Infinium – experts in holiday park Wi-Fi solutions

This service is for public or business areas and doesn’t provide coverage to individual accommodation.

Outdoor Wi-Fi
The first step in holiday park Wi-Fi to accommodation is an outdoor network. This solution requires an access point to be secured to a suitable structure at a height that allows the signal to be distributed throughout the park

Typically, outdoor Wi-Fi solutions will be installed in camp-site locations where the resistance on the Wi-Fi signal penetrating a tent is minimal, unlike a caravan or lodge where the quality and build can adversely impact the quality of the Wi-Fi service.

Through the Window

Through the Window Wi-Fi is a service which is build upon the principles of Outdoor Wi-Fi but is further designed to accommodate the connection of Wi-Fi inside the accommodation.

It is named as Through the Window as the actual Wi-Fi signal is outside the accommodation and the window offers the least resistance for the signal to be penetrated. 

This is a shared network solution which your guests will be able to access by connecting their devices to a landing page.  However, the coverage is often limited to access in the lounge area of accommodation and the build quality of caravans and lodges and landscapes with high/low terrains and woodland areas can present challenges.

Internal Access Points such as boosters can assist to improve the coverage inside accommodation and can be fitted retrospectively, however, they will require power sources, have limited bandwidth and deployment and boosters will need additional cabling.  

Direct to Accommodation

Direct to Accommodation is a network designed to offer your guests a home from home experience.  The Wi-Fi is delivered direct to each caravan or lodge rather than using externally mounted access points at designated locations throughout the park.  

Even with this option, there are different methods dependent upon your budget and aesthetics requirements.

Direct to Accommodation via Wireless Backbone

The internet is received centrally onsite and is wirelessly beamed to central Wi-Fi locations, the Wi-Fi is then distributed to a receiver on the outside of the accommodation.  This receiver is then cabled to an internal access point which broadcasts the signal internally.  

This is a cost-effective solution if cable installation is not possible but can be less robust and upgrading your technology in the future will be more challenging.

Direct to Accommodation via Fibre Backbone

The internet is received centrally on site and is then physically cabled to central Wi-Fi locations which reduces some of the challenges with the wireless links.  The Wi-Fi is then distributed from these central locations to an external access point on each accommodation.

This is an effective for solution where cabling direct to each accommodation is not possible, but a more robust solution is required.

Fibre to Accommodation

The internet is received centrally onsite and is physically cabled to local distribution points.  From these points, the internet is cabled to an internal access point in each accommodation.

This option whilst being the most expensive and invasive delivers the best results in terms of robustness, higher speeds and is the most futureproof option.


Infinium – experts in holiday park Wi-Fi solutionsIn Summary, holiday park guests see Wi-Fi connectivity as a necessity and the need for robust, secure and fast networks grows daily.  

The way customers use Wi-Fi is also changing with the need for fast and continuous connectivity to support live streaming of sports and films expected.  The provision of professional, well managed and well-designed networks to meet the demands of your guests is no longer a luxury but an essential utility such as your gas and electric supply

Infinium are market leading specialists in the holiday park sector and have over 16 years’ experience of providing Wi-Fi and IT services throughout the UK.

We install, manage and support Wi-Fi solutions and will work with you to find the solution that works best for your business.  Our service can also support content filtering, meet GDPR data collection requirements and our Lancashire based technical helpdesk can support your customers with any technical issues 7 days a week.  

Call us today to talk to one of our Wi-Fi experts on 0808 169 1551 or drop us an email at



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June 25, 2018

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