Kingston Park and Leisure Homes

Building a 4-storey building in Central London feels like a long way from delivering a number of lodges to some of the most exclusive holiday parks in the UK, but its exactly this experience that sets Kingston Park and Leisure Homes from the other players in the market.

The company was formed in 2016 as part of the sector leading Kingston Modular Systems who are one of the UK’s best modular building architects and manufacturers.  The company has taken all of its precision engineering experience, high profile project management and architectural skills to deliver a new generation of leisure homes that are already being recognised for their quality, luxury and durability. 

They’ve also transferred their mentality for delivering high profile government contracts into the sector by promising to deliver on time, in full, error free, on budget and most impressively, are offering late delivery cashback for all clients.

Kingston Park and Leisure Home’s range of five lodges have been designed from scratch using all of their experience in architecture and precision engineering to deliver a higher quality, more robust and value for money leisure home. Their range has a huge range of customisable options and the company pride themselves on their personal service, attention to detail and working with clients to find the right options for them. 

We spoke to Director Kris Robinson to discover exactly what makes this company so different from some of the other manufacturers in the market. Kingston Park and Leisure Homes

“We’re used to working to very tight deadlines and understand how costly, both financially and emotionally, delays can be to park owners and retail customers. We’ve taken all of our architectural experience in working with big players in the private and public sectors, and used it to reinvent the design and build process to give our clients a personalised service and guaranteed delivery dates. Not only does this give customers peace of mind but enables them to either enjoy their new homes or start generating a return on their investment as soon as possible.”

If you like what you see you can call Kingston Park and Leisure Homes on 01482 835835 or visit their website,, to see the full range of stunning lodges and park homes.



April 8, 2019

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