LeisureSmart is a new digital solution from ASL that provides near real-time electricity monitoring for leisure complexes and holiday parks.

Both protecting the environment and using resources sustainably are ongoing challenges for responsible businesses and LeisureSmart helps to support this.

ASL has drawn on years of experience in the machine to machine (M2M) communications industry to develop LeisureSmart; a digital solution that can accurately monitor the electricity usage of each individual pitch on a holiday park.  LeisureSmart provides management with accurate, near real-time data for analysis.

How LeisureSmart Works

The technology within LeisureSmart has been developed over a number of years by ASL with over half a million units installed in the UK across different monitoring appliances.

LeisureSmart works by monitoring the power supplied to each pitch, gathering the data and using the mobile phone network to transmit the data to a cloud based management portal.LeisureSmart

A LeisureSmart data monitor is attached to the electricity hook-up at each pitch.  Once installed, the device constantly monitors the amount of electricity supplied to each pitch.  The electricity usage data gathered is then transferred, using GPRS mobile data networks, to a secure cloud based platform.  The secure, password protected online platform can then be accessed by authorised individuals who can review the data.

Each LeisureSmart device is self-powered by a built-in battery, meaning that LeisureSmart does not impact on your electricity usage.  The devices are quick and easy to install, with simple calibration.  With no additional cables or excavation required installation is quick and straightforward.

Why Install LeisureSmart?

Accurate, automated Billing

The accurate, near real-time electricity usage data provided by LeisureSmart helps park operators to be able to provide accurate electricity bills to residential guests.  This is important as accurate billing means everyone is paying the correct amount required of them and park operators have no discrepancies to deal with.  With billing all automated, the whole system is very simple to operate, with no ongoing labour costs to maintain the system. 

Asset Monitoring

While LeisureSmart measures the electrical usage of individual pitches, it can also be used to measure the electricity usage of site buildings.  Amenities such as swimming pools, laundries, restaurants and bars can also be monitored, providing park management with a complete understanding of their park’s electrical requirements.

Having this complete understanding of electricity usage can be beneficial in a number of ways to park management.  Knowing the precise amount of electricity a site uses helps reduce energy usage, as well as tracking when amenities are used and which are more popular with guests.

Being able to provide electricity usage data may also be beneficial for park management when it comes to negotiating the best possible rates with electricity providers.

Multi-Site Operations

The benefits of LeisureSmart are multiplied for managers of multi-site operations as the accurate, near real-time data can be used for benchmarking and comparisons amongst multiple sites.

Understanding each site’s electricity usage can lead to the implementation of best practice amongst sites, generating significant savings.

Increase Employee Efficiency

The quick, easy method of data collection can also potentially increase employee efficiency as staff will no longer be required to read individual electricity meters personally.  This potential time saving means employees are free to continue with other tasks they are responsible for around the park.

Accessing Your Data

The data gathered by each LeisureSmart device is transferred to our cloud based management portal, which is password protected for complete security.

Being stored on a cloud based portal, your data is accessible anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.  This means that it can be accessed any time of day or night from anywhere in the world, making your data both accessible and secure.

Data Security

As with any online platform, it is vital that you are confident that your data is being stored securely.  As ASL we take security very seriously and have stringent processes in place to ensure that any data we hold is not compromised.

Our servers are secure, with full data backup.  In addition, your data is password protected so only those with authorisation will be able to access it.

Hardware Security

Ensuring your data is not compromised is vital, but it’s also really important that you can consistently rely on the hardware that generates the data.

LeisureSmart devices are housed in rugged, waterproof enclosures that are IP56 rated, contain their own independent power source with long-term battery life and SIM’s that connect to the strongest available signal so you can be assured of a consistent connectivity.

Why Choose LeisureSmart

LeisureSmart is the perfect solution for monitoring every aspect of your park’s electricity usage.  Developed by ASL, a company with a wealth of experience in telecommunications, LeisureSmart is an accurate, reliable and secure system that provides park managers with the data and information required to manage their sites effectively.


January 26, 2018

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