Massey Ferguson MF 1700 Range

More than capable of handling a wide range of applications with ease – from grounds care to seeding, from loading to transport – The MF 1700 range of tractors is built to the same exacting standards as Massey Ferguson’s larger tractors.

The line-up features many examples of ergonomic design and attention to detail that have maintained Massey Ferguson’s position as a world leading tractor manufacturer. Two models, 38 hp and 46 hp respectively, rely on easy-to-use transmissions. A range of 4-wheel drive models with PTO options make these tractors the ideal choice for smaller farming operations and many other rural enterprises.

Massey Ferguson 1700 tractors are designed and built to perform numerous tasks on country estates, golf courses and public amenities, where a smaller machine is more necessary. The brand’s unrivalled agricultural heritage is clear to see in these versatile, rugged machines.Massey Ferguson MF 1700 Range

Operating with smooth efficiency in awkward corners, low buildings and areas with restricted access, the Massey Ferguson 1700 Series is equally at home in the field with implements, on the road in transport mode or expertly mowing a golf green with care and precision.

Massey Ferguson has invested a great deal of time and attention to ensure that these machines are designed and built to the very highest quality standards, offering the customer maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort. Total peace of mind is also assured, as the MF 1700 Series is supported by a dedicated dealer network providing an unrivalled aftersales service.

For further choice and versatility these models have a range of key features and capabilities dedicated to the horticultural and municipal sectors. The MF 1700 Series of grounds care tractors are the perfect choice. Not only do they get the job done with reliable efficiency, they also give your business the professional edge.

Designed for hard graft and available on either turf or ag spec tyres, both models are a serious piece of machinery. No matter what the job, these compacts tractors have been designed to ensure maximum output every day. Each model boasts a robust chassis, powerful, fuel efficient engine and highly responsive transmission.

Rugged power from the engine, high-performance transmissions, maximum productivity from the hydraulics and excellent lift capacity combine to create a versatile and hardworking compact machine.

Rugged and highly efficient hydrostatic transmissions with three ranges

Superior hydrostatic transmission setting: Maximum speed, cruise control and reactivityMassey Ferguson MF 1700 Range

Mid-PTO is standard on all ‘H’ models. A switch on the dashboard enables easy and comfortable operation

Independent 540/1000 revs/min rear PTO

Cat 1 three-point linkage with position control and excellent

600kg/1100kg/1270kg/1580kg lift capacities

Selectable 4-wheel drive and rear differential lock as well as oil-immersed disc brakes

Mid-mounted, forward-folding ROPS – the low folding position enhances access and minimises crop damage

New Category 2 factory fitted cab with reduced noise level offering driver’s a quiet environment

Simple and precise rear linkage operation (draft control as standard depending on the version)

A wide choice of spool valves – for trailer tipping and operation of external hydraulic cylinders

Generous hydraulic flow suitable for a range of applications

Independent PTO with Soft Start function for gentle take-up of high inertia loads

Rear fender-mounted PTO switch for any stationary PTO work e.g. wood chipping

Rear view mirrors on both sides for improved visibility

Switch & wiring for beacon light as standard

The Massey Ferguson 1700 Series offers a modern driving environment with ergonomically-positioned controls and a fully adjustable driving position; everything the operator needs for a safe, Massey Ferguson MF 1700 Rangeproductive working day.  Operator comfort and control is a priority especially when you have a long day ahead of you. The spacious operator’s platform features a semi-flat floor with easy access from both sides, aided by two hand grips and a footstep. Fully adjustable seats allow the operator to set the perfect driving position for maximum comfort behind the wheel.

A new Category 2 factory-fitted cab with reduced noise levels, offers driver’s a quiet environment. All main controls are positioned for ease of use and accessibility, while the instrument panel provides a complete and clear display of all the information the driver needs to operate the tractor safely and efficiently. Colour-coded controls and switches, together with warning lights and gauges are easily viewed and interpreted, allowing complete control of both machine and task in hand.

Power assisted steering – standard on all models – makes for effortless manoeuvrability.

The driving position, tapering bonnet and horizontal exhaust combine to provide excellent visibility and all models are fitted with road lighting to allow urgent tasks to be completed after dark. Rear view mirrors on both sides further enhance the driver’s visibility and the beacon light can be easily activated by the press of a switch.

MF 1700 Series models are powered by fuel-efficient, 3 and 4 cylinder engines. Their torque characteristics have been specifically designed to achieve optimum productivity and simple operation. Ease of access for servicing and maintenance is assured, thanks to the one-piece lift-up bonnet and removable side panels.

All tractors in the range are equipped with selectable 4-wheel drive for improved traction and manoeuvrability and are fully-equipped with 3-point linkage. A high-capacity three-point linkage is standard equipment on both models and, with lift capacities up to 1580kg, there’s plenty of power to handle a host of applications. A high performance and versatile hydraulic system provides all the flow and pressure needed to operate a wide range of implements efficiently.

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April 9, 2018

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