New EPoS system allows holiday park company to achieve new levels of efficiency

A family-run holiday park company that boasts almost 100 years of history is embracing modern-day efficiency with state-of-the-art technology. 

Lyons Holiday Parks needed to integrate transactions in bars, offices, hotels, shops, and reception areas across seven of its ten sites across North Wales and Cumbria. 

Previously the company used a number of isolated tills and processes. These did not link with its central accounts system, meaning staff had to input much of the sales data captured manually. This was time consuming and inefficient, hampering business growth.

However, all this changed when Peterborough-based Kamarin Computers installed sophisticated electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) software on 32 tills across the seven holiday parks, allowing Lyons to achieve previously impossible levels of efficiency. New technology improves efficiency for family-run park

“The new software integrates seamlessly and automatically with our central accounts system,” said Norman Mushet, Lyons’ company accountant. 

“This reduces our requirement for bookkeeping, whilst significantly improving the accuracy of transactions reported from the various points of sale. This means we can support business growth without needing to recruit extra staff.”

Lyons now also benefits from enhanced visibility when it comes to stock control and monthly reporting, which makes for effective business analysis. It can also program its tills centrally from head office (e.g. change prices or introduce new offers). 

Norman continued: “The new system tracks, records and reports practically every transaction that runs through our business whether customers need to buy a caravan, book a holiday or order food and drink at one of our restaurants. KCPOS has proven its value immediately, so we intend to roll it out across the rest of our holiday parks.”

Lyons was also impressed with the training provided by Kamarin, which gave its staff the skills they needed to use the new software.

The project represents a significant business success for Kamarin, which is enjoying a period of unprecedented expansion in the holiday industry.

Kamarin’s managing director George Smith commented: “The holiday industry is an exciting place to do business and we are experiencing an enormous level of demand for our electronic point-of-sale systems. This stems from holiday companies that want to save money and increase operational efficiency through better integration and automation when it comes to processing sales data.”

July 24, 2017

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