New trends at the CARAVAN SALON: comfort, connectivity and compactness

The world’s biggest fair for mobile vacationing CARAVAN SALON boasts new record figures. Thanks to an additional exhibition hall CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF from 26 August to 3 September 2017 will be as big as ever. A total of 600 national and international exhibitors with 130 caravan and motor home brands will be presenting their innovations and current models in thirteen halls as well as on the outdoor exhibition space. On 214,000 square metres to the tune of 2,100 recreational vehicles in all conceivable sizes and versions can be marvelled at.

“Caravanning as a form of holiday-making is enjoying a constant rise in popularity. The sector is undergoing a real boom and the outlook for 2017 is bright. We are looking to this year’s fair with lots of optimism and hope to follow on from last year’s record results,” explains Stefan Koschke, Director of the CARAVAN SALON. At the CARAVAN SALON recreational vehicles of all types and sizes are on show. In Düsseldorf every caravanning enthusiast will find their personal dream vehicle: from compact “iconic” caravans and spacious motor homes for families to luxury mobile homes.

This year’s edition of CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf is sure to once again live up to its reputation and renown for presenting innovative New trends at the CARAVAN SALON: comfort, connectivity and compactnessproducts and world premiers. For both motor caravans and caravans, the trend toward greater comfort continues apace, because for people who opt to holiday in a leisure vehicle, optimal comfort and an uncomplicated holiday experience are paramount. Among the key factors that come into play here are the use of ultra-modern materials in today’s leisure vehicles – and in particular the integration of electronic devices that make using a leisure vehicle all the more comfortable and convenient. Virtually all devices in leisure vehicles can be operated safely via a main, intuitive control panel, where users can view the charging status of batteries and the filling level of water tanks – oftentimes using a smartphone app. And when it comes to parking, today’s leisure vehicles are outfitted with extremely helpful electronic amenities such as rear-view cameras and caravan maneuvering systems, which save a great deal of physical effort and can be operated via remote control. “Today’s customers are looking for leisure vehicles that feature better than ever and high-quality equipment, and are ready and willing to pay more for greater comfort and safety,” says Daniel Onggowinarso, Chief Executive of Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. (CIVD).

This also holds true for driving comfort and convenience. Here, helpful amenities that are also found in passenger cars come into play such as lane guard systems (LGS), hill start aids, and distance warning devices. Such features make the use of leisure vehicles not only more comfortable and convenient, but also safer.

Individuality and independence are the elements that make leisure vehicle holidays so special. This aspect is also reflected in leisure vehicle designs. For example, customers are increasingly interested in obtaining individualized equipment for their leisure vehicles – a need that leisure vehicle manufacturers are meeting by offering an ever-growing portfolio of products. Thus, for example, for production models there is already a growing range of options in terms of layouts, cabin amenities, and various equipment options. The dominant trend in terms of upholstery and furnishing design is the interplay of brighter and lighter color schemes and darker and more elegant looking materials.

In the interest of ensuring that leisure vehicles handle well on the road despite the added optional equipment, leisure vehicle makers are turning to ever lighter-weight materials. For example, paper honeycomb elements are being used in lieu of heavier wood elements, and innovative adhesive bonds are replacing heavier metallic bolts. At the same time, leisure vehicles are in many cases more compact than they used to be. For a number of years now, sales have been particularly robust in the conversion van segment. Despite their compact dimensions, these vehicles feature a full complement of amenities. Last year, conversion vans accounted for the lion’s share of motor caravan production.

The CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2017 is open from Saturday, 26 August, to Sunday, 3 September, on each day from 10 am to 6 pm.

August 29, 2017

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