Part Exchange helps park home operators get a move on

As any seasoned park home operator will know, there are many factors that can impact the sales performance of new homes. A critical one, however, is the fluidity of the housing market since the majority of new customers first need to sell their existing property. Help is at hand, however, through Silverbridge Properties’ Part Exchange schemes that not only offer a quick, stress-free sale for the customer, but also means that park home operators don’t have to sacrifice their margin to make the sale. A win-win all round.

The UK housing market’s sluggishness is set to continue for most of 2018, despite the Government’s stamp duty cut. According to The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) the net balance for new buyer enquiries in February was in negative territory for the eleventh consecutive month. Silverbridge Properties believe that the solution to this problem is Part Exchange, or PX, as it offers a fast, guaranteed sale, thereby removing the uncertainties of the open market.

In fact, Part Exchange has grown increasingly in popularity over the last few years, and not just because of the sluggishness of the housing market. Silverbridge Properties, one of the UK’s leading providers of part exchange schemes to the retirement and park home sectors, argues that, for many homeowners, PX is also the simplest way to sell their property. 

According to Russell Baldwin, the company’s Managing Director, “We not only take care of all legal and transactional aspects of the sale, but the seller can even remain in their property for up to 2 weeks Part Exchange helps park home operators get a move onafter completion”.

And it’s not only home sellers that are seeing the advantages of PX; more and more park home operators are now also recommending the schemes to their customers.

Henry Simmons, Managing Director of Organford Manor Country Park Ltd operates five residential park homes sites in Hertfordshire, Essex, Dorset and Devon and has been using Silverbridge Properties for the last five years to help convert sales.

“Working with Silverbridge just couldn’t be easier”, commented Henry. “The team there are extremely responsive which means no delays and no fuss. A third of all our sales are now transacted using PX and I fully anticipate to maintain this figure at all future sites”, added Henry.

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March 26, 2018

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