PitchSMART Online By Rolec

A Breakthrough In Hook-Up Management


Following 18 months of research and development Rolec have announced the launch of PitchSMART Online, a new cloud based computer operated MID approved Smart metering system for remotely managing caravan hook-ups. 

This innovative new system has been specifically designed to enable park operators to read each and every hook-up meter from the comfort of their office computer - and in turn generate instant invoices for customers.

PitchSMART Online can also be used by the park operator to individually switch on/off each and every one of their electric hook-up units, again from the office computer.

PitchSMART Online By Rolec

Darren North, General Manager of Rolec’s Leisure division, commented: “Traditionally caravan park operators have had the long and costly task of physically reading electricity meters, taking this information back to the office, and then preparing invoices - which can take anything up to a month at a time to achieve.

“With PitchSMART Online the reading of the meters and preparing of invoices can now be achieved in a couple of hours - saving thousands of man hours and enabling faster, regular invoicing.”

Darren also confirmed that as well as providing instant meter readings, invoicing facilities, and the ability to individually switch hook-ups on/off, PitchSMART Online also has the ability to be extended to offer a variety of additional services including:


  • Meter reading, invoicing and switching of static caravan water supplies.
  • Meter reading, invoicing and switching of static caravan gas supplies.
  • Instant access to electricity, water and gas consumption data to support invoicing.
  • Management of park building electricity and water supplies.
  • Instant access to electricity and water consumption data which can be used to negotiate favourable kWh and availability tariffs with utility providers.
  • Multi-park operators can instantly access electricity and water consumption, activities and monies due in across all their parks.
  • Can provide the caravan owner with mobile phone access to their utility account.
  • Can allow the caravan owner to pre-pay for their electricity and water via mobile phone using their preferred payment method (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal).
  • PitchSMART Online can also be used to switch and manage the entire park’s lighting system.                                                     


Darren continued: “We can also offer a variety of services to complement the PitchSMART Online system including installation of PitchSMART Online, testing testing, maintenance and emergency call out services.


“In addition we can also provide a range of finance solutions, including 3 and 5 year extended payment terms, monthly lease/buy options, and even a weekly PitchSMART Online rental option from as little as £2 per pitch per week.”


  • For more information about PitchSMART Online or Rolec’s other products call 01205 724754 or email darren@rolecserv.co.uk


July 13, 2017

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