SureSet - All set for an eco-friendly future

As we head into 2019, and with recycling and eco products becoming more and more documented on news channels and social media, SureSet thought we should provide a quick update on our plans to further improve our processes in 2019. 

Let’s quickly recap on some of the new products and processes we have already introduced in the last 12-18 months.

Firstly, and most importantly is our industry’s first, a Resin Batching Van. This is a fully bespoke one-off vehicle dreamt up by our Research and Development Team specifically designed to transport and dispense resin directly on site, thus eliminating the requirement for non-reusable plastic buckets that are widely used across the resin bound paving industry. You can read more about our Resin Batching Van on our blog.

Other new products include fully recyclable cardboard boxes that we use to post out a wide range of colour samples, even the internal plastic film is biodegradable. We have introduced an electric fork lift truck into our fleet to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as streamlining some of our aggregate processes, working with suppliers like Long Rake Spar to send aggregate directly to site.

Our product range is ever expanding and we are constantly developing new recycled products to bring to the market, including the introduction of our FlexiSet range, recycled glass rangeand other recycled products.SureSet - All set for an eco-friendly future

Looking into the futureand the potential to increase our eco-friendly developments SureSet will be bringing to market an additional resin batching van. Due to the huge success we have seen with the original vehicle you can expect to see a second resin batching van to hit the road to increase our installation potential. The first van has almost paid for itself through the costs saved from printed bucket production, haulage to our warehouse and to site, labour to sort and fill the buckets and fees to dispose of buckets once used.

Another development we are in the final stages of creating is a new sample production method to negate the use of the plastic petri dishes we currently use to display our samples in. On average SureSet make 1400 samples a month so to be able to remove the plastic element from each sample would soon build up into a huge cost and environmental saving and make our samples full recyclable. 
Another part of our business that we are looking to improve is our trade shows. Currently we require 2 days to build up our stand and 1 day to break it down, so for 2019 we are looking to reduce this to a 1-day build, introduce reusable products as well as redesigning our stand graphics to incorporate recyclable materials.

2019 is set to be our busiest year to date with some huge projects in the pipeline, and with our ever evolving eco strategy its set to be one of our greenest years to date!

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January 17, 2019

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