The Benefits Of Buying Used Static Caravans

Static caravans are a fantastic way to holiday as a family and to provide temporary or permanent accommodation for workers and self-builders. All statics are an investment as they cost thousands of pounds to buy and site, but when you choose second-hand or used caravans you can benefit from higher specs and great value, with substantial cost savings.

We’ve spoken with the south’s static caravan specialist N.Doe Caravans to further understand the benefits of buying used statics, and how buyers and sellers can save time and money in comparison to buying brand new.

The main benefits include:

Higher spec units for less

You can buy a vastly higher specification used unit for the same money as a very basic entry level new unit, meaning you are getting better value for your investment. Used statics may have also been improved by their past owners so you won’t have to carry out any upgrade work shortly after buying.

For example, you may not be able to afford the inflated prices of a brand new, leading brand static that features both double glazing and central heating, but when you buy used at a reduced cost, they become accessible within your budget.

Without a doubt, getting more for less is the biggest benefit to buying used.

Confidence for park owners

If you are looking to buy a static to site at a park, you may find you have more options available with a used unit. This is because a park owner may wish to keep the look of the units the same, so may prefer used models Static caravan transport trucksthat are identical to existing units. This would ensure they blend in with the feel of their site.

As you research parks to site in, take this into account and shop for models that suit them well, including any requirements they may have for size.

Avoid long lead times

When buying brand new you can face long wait times as manufacturers can have long lead times on delivery of units to sellers. As used statics are more ‘off the shelf’, once you have agreed a sale, you can arrange delivery as soon as possible to start using the unit. 

Better cash flow 

As you pay less for a used static than one bought new, you have more money to cover the additional costs that come with owning a static, including siting costs, park fees, energy bills and any required modifications. This cost saving brings peace of mind and better financial flexibility in all the associated and longer term costs.

Resale margins

When you buy a new static, it’s value is significantly reduced after use as you’ve bought it at a premium price. When you choose a used static caravan, the value won’t decrease as much as it doesn’t have this premium. This means that when you come to sell it on in years to come you should get a better return in comparison to your initial purchase price.

This is the same concept as what people experience when they buy brand new houses and cars; the value generally depreciates.

Ready to learn more?

You can get in touch with N. Doe Caravans on 01403 274877 to learn more about their used static caravans, with models to suit your needs and siting services also available. View the range on the website, which is always being updated, and visit their showground in Horsham, West Sussex.
May 14, 2019

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