Whale Launch New Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets Range at The Motorhome and Caravan Show 2017

Whale has extended their exterior utilities socket offering to include a wide range of electrical, gas and water outlets suitable for all recreational vehicles.


In addition to their current “Water In Socket”, the new Whale Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets range offers you a Mains Electric Out Socket, Multimedia 3 in 1 Socket, Isolator Switch Socket, External BBQ Outlet Socket, Water Out Socket, Motorhome Filler Socket and Motorhome Filler Socket + 12V Socket with a unique 2 in 1 design.


All eight sockets in the range incorporate the unique Whale Easi-Slide Lid with its streamlined design. The use of a sliding lid guarantees no more lid flapping noise or damage to your vehicle. Comfortable to use, the new sockets provide a smooth easy slide open and close motion with a secure click feature to protect the internal parts when the socket is not in use. As well as being UV stabilised to prevent damage from the sun, all sockets are waterproof and rated to IP45 and IP55.

new whale easy slide exterior utilities sockets

Product Design Manager Andrew Peoples said, “Building on more than 60 years of RV water system experience combined with our advanced knowledge of polymer moulding, we developed this new easy to use socket range with a uniform high-quality look and feel. Following the success of our Whale Easi-Slide Lid water inlet launched in 2013,  it made sense to extend the range. The sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance brings uniformity to any recreational vehicle’s external wall. We are excited to launch the new utilities socket range at this year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show.”


Easi-Slide lids are available in 2 different colour options – crisp white and soft grey.


Information on the sockets available:-


Mains Electric Out Socket

The easy access mains outlet socket includes a UK 3 pin which allows you to hook up electrical appliances to a 13-amp rating such as power tools, lighting, TVs, or games consoles. The Easi-Slide lid can be completely closed when in use, weatherproofing the unit against the elements.


Multimedia 3 in 1 Socket

The Whale Multimedia Socket can supply a TV aerial and Satellite as well as providing a 12v d.c. outlet socket to power or charge your devices.


Isolator Switch Socket

The Whale Isolator Switch allows you to cut the power to your appliances, saving valuable battery life whilst on the road.


External BBQ Outlet Socket

The gas BBQ outlet is ideal for supplying barbecues using your LPG (propane and butane) on board gas supply. With a simple one-handed operation and straightforward connection, external gas appliances can be quickly connected to the gas tap. Safety coupling is included to ensure that gas can only be turned on when safety coupling is connected.


Water Out Socket

The Water Out Socket can be used with the Whale detachable exterior Compact Shower for washing down your van, bicycles, or pets. This socket is to be used with cold freshwater only. 


Motorhome Filler Socket

The Motorhome Filler Socket allows you to directly fill your on-board water tank with a unique secure hose clip that keeps the pump in place during filling. This socket is designed to incorporate a lock on the lid to protect your water supply and a vent pipe to prevent airlocks. The Motorhome Filler Socket is suitable for use with the Whale Portable Pump Kit and should again only be used with cold freshwater.


Motorhome Filler Socket + 12V Socket

This new Easi-Slide socket is the first of its kind in the UK RV market. It incorporates a unique 2 in 1 design which includes a 12V pump power supply and Motorhome fill all-in-one. The secure hose clip keeps the pump in place during filling and the lid incorporates a lock to protect your water supply. A vent pipe has been included to ensure the tank is vented at all times preventing airlocks. Suitable for use with the Whale Superfil pump kit, it is to be used with cold freshwater only.


Water In Socket

The current Whale Water In Socket has been added to the new Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Socket range. This socket provides an easy way to supply your vehicle with fresh water using the Whale Watermaster exterior pump or Watermaster Mains water hook up. This Water In Socket is to be used with cold freshwater only.


For more information on the Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets range, please visit the Whale Stand 2043 in Hall 20.


October 17, 2017

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