What to look out for when choosing new outdoor furniture for your holiday park

Choosing which outdoor furniture to invest in is no easy decision – here the team at John Robertson Ltd outline what to consider and offer some advice to those planning on upgrading their outdoor space…

1) Quality and durability - Our range of classically designed and traditionally constructed benches are made from Teak or FSC® Certified Hardwood.  Both are incredibly dense woods, and remarkably hardwearing, so will therefore last for years.  Likewise any fittings used are top quality brass and stainless steel to help avoid future corrosion or rust. A more contemporary, but equally hardwearing, option is all weather weave furniture.  Polyethylene fibre is hand woven over aluminium frames making the pieces lightweight, while also water resistant and frost proof.  Weave is very durable and is unlikely to tear, fray or break so will remain looking as good as new.

2) Low Maintenance – Teak is a tropical hardwood packed with natural oils that will help prevent your furniture from being damaged and makes it durable enough to remain outdoors – perfect if you’re short on storage space. Whether outside year round or only in summer, teak will weather gracefully, fading to a silver-grey colour, giving your furniture an elegant rustic look. Weave furniture similarly requires very little maintenance and can be left outside all year round. It also has the added benefit of high UV resistance which helps the colour from fading in bright sunlight. In both cases we simply recommend an annual scrub down with a brush and soapy water. ​outdoor furniture - a bench from John Robertson

3) Style and Comfort – Entertaining outside can mean anything from enjoying a meal with friends to lounging round the pool.  We can supply anything from traditional armchairs and loungers to round 6 seater combi benches and sofas.  Pairing these items with footstools, glass topped tables and cushions will create a perfect outdoor area for you to relax in.

4) Getting outside whatever the weather - Since 2003, John Robertson Ltd have been the sole UK distributor of the world leading brand Bahama. This award-winning German company designs and manufactures large size commercial parasols and sun sails which can be used to create luxury outdoor spaces.  As well as being beautifully designed, these impressive products are renowned for their compactness, durability and wind stability. With an extensive range of optional extras also available including heating, lighting, guttering and branding, your perfect outdoor area can be created so you can hold that BBQ whatever the weather!

John Robertson Ltd is a family-run business specialising in the supply of premium outdoor furniture to both the leisure industry and private clients. 


March 14, 2019

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