Maxview Launches Remora 40 Suction Mount Satellite TV Kit

satellite tv dish by Maxview

Is the reception in touring caravans driving your guests to distraction? If interference is their nemesis, then this clever piece of kit could be the answer to this caravan conundrum. Maxview have just launched the Remora 40 – the ideal portable solution for receiving satellite TV in motorhomes, caravans, HGVs, van conversions and many other mobile vehicles and applications. 

Fire Angel’s portable carbon monoxide alarm

Fire Angel’s portable carbon monoxide alarm

The camping and caravanning essential you might have missed!


Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, which causes over 200 people to be hospitalised every year, leading to around 50 deaths. Known as the ‘silent killer’ it is particularly dangerous as you cannot see, taste or smell it, making it to be invisible to the human senses. Portable gas heaters, BBQs, gas cookers and generators can all emit CO, and can be deadly when brought inside a caravan or used inside a tent. CO can also come from someone else’s appliances, so take care that fumes don’t blow into yours or someone else’s tent or caravan from outside.