Setting up a bike hire service & how it can bring business benefits

Man on bike from bike hire service

Looking ahead to the 2020 holiday season, it’s a good time to consider new attractions and facilities for your caravan park,  in terms of generating extra revenue, raising your profile and attracting additional custom  from locals, holidaymakers and visitors to your area. Of course, new ventures are always a major consideration, in terms of outlay, time in-put, logistics and staffing, but one on-site service that’s proving increasingly popular at caravan parks of varying sizes, is a bike hire facility. For many of us, the idea of enjoying a spot of cycling on  a caravan holiday is very appealing, but the practicalities of transporting the bikes and accessories can sometimes prove too difficult  if you’re not an avid cyclist and you are also pressed for space in the car! Bike hire is often a popular choice for family groups, occasional cyclists or the adventurous amongst us who fancy trying mountain biking trails for a day or two. We called on Michael Kercel of cycling experts Raleigh to  offer some tips on setting up a cycle hire service on the caravan park –it may be just a little easier and a lot more lucrative for your business than you’d previously imagined. “Raleigh are often approached by businesses wanting  to provide  a cycle hire fleet and also to give some  practical advice to operators who decide to go for it and introduce a bike hire facility for their own clientele and visitors to the area too. If you’d like to offer bike hire but don’t want to have to staff it and set it up from scratch, then some operators make a success of their venture by teaming up with a local independent cycle dealer who will run the scheme whilst the caravan operator takes rent and possibly a percentage of the hire business. This is often viewed as an ideal scenario if you are lucky enough to have a local dealer who is interested in an arrangement of this kind. However, many operators choose to go it alone and start with a modest fleet of cycles, building up the stock in year 2 and beyond as the facility begins to take off. As with any new venture it pays to do your homework and check out the competition. The footfall at your site and its location, plus your degree of enthusiasm for the project will all make a contribution to its success – as will your ability to promote the new facility on your website & other marketing material. It also needs to be publicised at grass roots level by displaying leaflets and cards in local pubs and shops, via selected holiday cottage companies and TICs for example. Location, Location (Cycling) Location If you are located close to established cycle trails , reservoirs and other good cycling terrain then that is a definite bonus.  The nature of the local landscape will also play a part in establishing the types of bikes that you have on offer. For example: if you are set in typical mountain bike territory, then it almost goes without saying that you need to include mountain bikes or even electric mountain bikes in your hire fleet, whereas those caravan parks in flatter terrain with winding country lanes and safer spots for children to cycle are more likely to take the family hire route – especially if this is your core clientele. No two caravan parks are the same so Raleigh can help you to identify suitable Raleigh or Raleigh Group company bikes. It makes sound sense to choose a fleet of reliable cycles from  the same manufacturer and to have several of the same type of bike both from an aesthetics point of view and because of  compatibility  of spare parts and helping to keep the cost of stocking spare parts to a minimum. If you’re near to a trail centre then it would be worth investing in a good hardtail Mountain Bike such as the Diamondback Heist 1, which you could typically expect to hire out at a day rate of around £20-25  – depending on your location, footfall & the local competition.   Consider the hire periods on offer  – do you just want to hire out for full and half days, with a reduced rate for weekly hire, or would your setting   also lend itself to hourly hire scenarios? You may also need to consider supplying locks if the hire bikes will be used to travel to local shops and cafes. The new trend for power – assisted electric bikes ( or E-bikes as they’re sometimes known)  is also proving a popular cycle hire attraction – especially  for parents & grandparents who like to keep up with younger members of the family on cycling trips. There are also specialist e-mountain bikes that are proving a new experience for the adventure seekers too! Popular electric hire bikes from the Raleigh range include the new Strada Trail Sport electric (below) a hardwearing electric bike that’s suited to both roads and tracks,.   For the e-mountain bike thrill-seekers  our sister company Haibike’s high spec  electric mountain bikes are proving a big draw. The Haibike SDuro Hard 7 4.0  pictured below is proving a popular choice amongst these new generation E-bikers. High performance electric bikes can often be hired out at prices in the region of £40 +per day so they’re suited to operators who enjoy a high footfall of mountain biking enthusiasts.     For the family market, Raleigh offers Burley cycle trailers for the little ones who aren’t yet ready to cycle independently for any distance and the high spec Raleigh Performance range is a good choice for children who are proficient peddlars aged from 5 to around 12 or 13 (depending on height).   Remember, additional revenue can be generated on accessory hire – such as helmets, locks etc. Other considerations include the fact that ideally you need a visible ‘shop front’ for your cycle hire facility – there’s no point having it if people

Kintech secures Safestor contract with Bourne Leisure

Kintech Secures SafeStor Contract With Bourne Leisure

Kintech has secured a contract with Bourne Leisure for its recently-launched SafeStor all-steel storage unit to be made available for sale to owners of all holiday homes and static caravans at the majority of Bourne’s 37 Haven parks throughout the UK. The Haven sites accommodate approximately 26,000 holiday homes and caravans, and within the first 12 weeks of the arrangement being finalised Kintech had sold over 750 SafeStor units. Kintech Sales Director Shaun Caddick said: “Bourne Leisure is making the product available as part of a purchase of a new holiday home and also to existing owners. They have specified SafeStor because its galvanised steel construction means that it is non-combustible, strong and weatherproof, and its multi point locking system with anti drill and pick properties offers high levels of security.” The units are built from within, so all bolts and screws are on the inside, removing access points and deterring tampering. As a child safety measure, the door can be opened from the inside. The units’ ventilation system minimises condensation build up, preventing damage to stored items caused by damp. SafeStor is virtually maintenance free, so there is no risk of rot damage or leaks. The 144cm x 182cm x 92cm units specified by Bourne Leisure comply with all park and local authority regulations. They are available in a green or cream powder coat finish.  Bourne is also displaying Kintech’s SafeStor mobility scooter storage unit on its sites and has included the unit in its catalogue. For more information about SafeStor units go to  

Banish bacteria and odours in your caravan with Zoflora

Banish bacteria and odours in your caravan with Zoflora

Be sure to keep pesky germs at bay and eliminate nasty odours with leading liquid disinfectant, Zoflora. Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant and has been established for over 90 years and is produced here in the UK. Zoflora boasts over 15 fragrances within its range and comes in various sizes such as 56ml, 120ml, 250ml and 500ml which is ideal for those who travel. Zoflora is a popular choice with people who holiday in the UK as the product is very versatile and can be used diluted all over caravans and motorhomes, from floors and work surfaces, to toilets and showers, to bins and outdoor areas such as patios. A concentrated disinfectant, Zoflora kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, helping to protect your family and pets from harmful germs and leaving homes and caravans fragrantly fresh all day.   Use diluted all over your caravan from rubbish bins to drains, worktops to floors, toilets to sinks. Zoflora is even safe to use around most* pets. Use it on litter trays, dog beds and animal cages to keep them hygienically clean and fragrantly fresh. Just allow to dry thoroughly before pets are allowed back in.   With over 15 fragrances in the range, each scent has been expertly created by perfumers to eliminate odours. Choose from Linen Fresh, Twilight Garden, Springtime, Citrus Fresh, Bluebell Woods and Summer Breeze, or why not try the warming festive fragrances such as Winter Morning or Warm Cinnamon.   Zoflora is available to buy from Asda, Morrison, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, with an RRP of £1.45 for 120ml.   For more information on Zoflora, visit To keep up-to-date on all things Zoflora, follow us on: Twitter: @loveZoflora Facebook: Instagram: lovezoflora