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Integrated Smart Home experts, SmartRent, have teamed up with global access specialists, TLJ Access Control to deliver a truly ‘street to sofa’ integrated solution, perfect for implementation in homes, shared accommodation or Holiday Parks. The ‘traditional’ metal key is set to become a thing of the past with the combination of SmartRent’s app based system and TLJ’s smart locks and numerical Zpad.  Smart locks are electronic door locks controlled by a key card, fob, smartphone or other electronic device, in this case by a number key pad and a code, issued via the app. In the Holiday Park setting this delivers a whole new offering for Operators, giving them enhanced Estate Team efficiencies whilst also presenting guests with another level of luxury for their holiday or visit.  The guest journey from arrival to entry of the unit can now be completely automated and touch free, there’s no need for physical keys to hand to visitors so no keys to lose and no more lengthy queues at reception on check in day. Guests are issued a personal key code that allows them to open their door via their mobile phone.  The SmartRent system also gives them the option of being able to operate the thermostat in their unit remotely (useful for turning on the heating on the way home from a day swimming, for example), and the ability to access all the park amenities (pool, gym, entertainment area etc) from one single app.  With SmartRent, the operator no longer has to send maintenance teams back to the office to sort through and collect the correct keys before accessing units – instead they can be sent the work orders and a one time code for quick access to sort out in-unit issues. Being able to monitor for leaks remotely and control thermostats in empty units not only allows operators to monitor for dripping pipes or humidity issues, turn down thermostats left on when a guest checks out and make units comfortable for the next guests’ arrival, all without visiting the unit in person. This saves Operators time and money – minor issues are detected long before they become major problems that can result in costly repairs or worse still – putting the unit out of commission for a period altogether.  Adding in TLJ’s smart access control and you have a smooth, sleek process that results in as little disruption for the Park guest as possible. The integration of TLJ Access Control into the SmartRent system creates a seamless solution for Holiday Parks – saving money, increasing efficiencies and presenting the Holiday Park as a Smarter Park, no longer the Park of the future but the Park of NOW…! email

Pathfinder Homes


Innovative, cutting-edge designs and meticulous attention to detail, are just a few reasons Pathfinder Homes have been the pioneers of luxurious residential park homes and holiday lodges for over 60 years. With all our homes being built bespoke to meet each individual specification, you can be sure that your home will be unique and best suited to you and your parks! With our years of experience building luxury bespoke lodges, means you don’t have to just find something to work for you, but rather have something tailored to perfectly work for you and your land. Being a leading lodge manufacturer, we’ve done it all from; hot tubs, outdoor showers, cinema rooms, voice-controlled/smart homes, pod/lodge hybrids, dedicated doggy parlour and much, much more. You’re able to decide on every aspect of the design, from the exterior finish to the kitchen sink. Our Selection Studio is the perfect place to be inspired, and our Interior Design team can walk you through it, every step of the way. Let your Imagination run free – our team will turn your dream into a reality. Pathfinder Homes build quality doesn’t just meet building specifications but exceeds them across the board. We’re so confident in our quality every new home built with us is given a 10-year warranty, in collaboration with our partners over at Platinum Seal. Although it’s unlikely that it should need this, with our very first homes being built all those years ago still being used and live in up to this day. Our homes are built to last and with minimal maintenance. We build bespoke homes that are innovative, with cutting edge design and meticulous attention to detail. We understand that getting planning permission for your own land isn’t always as straightforward as you may expect but we can really help with that, in fact, we can do it for you absolutely free. Furthermore, with the possibility of finance, you don’t have to worry about paying for your lodge all at once and can pick the best plan to suit you! Just another way Pathfinder Homes tries to give you peace of mind. Dusk; perfect for the residential market this home is cosy and practical. The Dusk is modern, warm, and thoughtfully designed, whilst also intriguing, wistful, and reflective. Born from the desire to create a naturally stylish, decorative, and spirited space.  Perfect storage solutions throughout with Intelligent space-saving design, has resulted in something unpretentious, whilst making the most of every space. The Lounge is a perfectly concealed hideaway with sliding doors, both space-saving and elegant. The pocket doors slide back into the wall as if by magic, creating an air of mystery as well as character, which is aided by the presence of a secondary sliding barn door leading into the Dining area. The Kitchen is the largest yet, with units and appliances around the whole room. Island/breakfast bar takes centre stage making this the perfect space for entertaining. Adjacent is a fabulously practical Utility/Boot room. The Dining room with its eye-catching feature wall and large French doors which allow for a sense of alfresco dining as well as a light and open setting in which to enjoy your meals. large bedrooms both have multiple storage areas with built-in wardrobes and bedside tables. A dropdown desk allows for a sealed-off area perfect mini office (Featured in the picture on the right). Opposite this space is the fully fitted Bathroom, featuring a free-standing bath complete with a heated towel radiator. Dusk is designed not to replace or change but to compliment your lifestyle. Reinventing the industry again, the eagerly anticipated and long-time coming design, The Petrichor; A name meaning the inimitable scent of rain on dry earth. This resonates with the vision of this home; an one of a kind, created with sustainability at the heart and our world in mind. Using recycled, reclaimed materials and preloved materials, all of which have been individually selected, which offers a deep-rooted story, with every piece of cladding having a background and history of its own. Petrichor is a one of a kind, with an rustic notes with a modern ‘Soho’ vibe. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and with a relentless ‘That’ll do, won’t do’ approach, The Petrichor will be a flagship home for many years to come. Cladded entirely of reclaimed Timber, the kerb appeal of this home is textured, thoughtful and striking. With a metal clad roof and external bathtub and shower, the visual vibe is inspired, generating a calm wanderlust mood. With a choice of entry, depending on your muse depends on what will greet you but you can certainly rest assured of a greeting. Perhaps in need of a wash down after a long day exploring the local landscaping, save the need for cleaning the floor and shower outside in the private porch area then enter via the utility room. Here you will find a reclaimed, re- engineered wood floor, plenty of storage and a carefully placed washing machine (handy to throw in your muddy walking clothes). With a vintage inspired kitchen design, the reclaimed wall panelling, fitting wall lights and individually sourced appliances and tap, this room is equipped perfectly to host your quick bites, small parties, and evening meals. The well-suited Belfast sink and plate racks are complimented perfectly by the pastel colouring. The master suite is suitably grand with a walk-in wardrobe. With an interesting multi-pitch ceiling, finished to exceeding standards, this room is the perfect balance between peaceful serenity and natural energy. These two newest additions are available to be seen at our showground at our HQ in Heathfield, Devon where we manufacture and operate from– The camera-shy home Petrichor, is only available to view at Pathfinder Homes’ HQ in Heathfield, Devon but hurry they won’t be show homes for long! But don’t worry, let us come to you… we are attending several shows this year! We are attending the Royal Cornwall Show and The World of Park Homes & Leisure Homes Show and we would love

Hello from the ecoextinguishers team!


On average our customers benefit from a 47% cost savings when switching to ecoextinguishers! What makes these units eco?   The ecoextinguisher offers various environmentally friendly aspects that promote the move away from traditional standard steel extinguishers. The Eco units are built in Britain with a design that allows for a higher percentage of recycled parts to be utilised. These parts are then put together using a low-energy manufacturing process.  The high performance of the Eco P50 fire extinguisher has allowed for the removal of CO2 all together. One single Eco unit will replace the need for the combination of one standard steel unit and one standard CO2 unit. This minor change in your premises fire protection can assist in our global move towards CO2 usage reduction! Another beneift, and environmentally friendly aspect of the Eco, is that you will no longer require an engineer to visit the site to undertake costly servicing. This is due to the unique simple annual maintenance that can be completed by your on-site competent person. By removing the need for an engineer to regaularly visit the site, you are helping to futher reduce CO2 emssions! The Eco units are also part of the movement promoting reducing, reusing and recyling, where possible. Each new unit will boast a 10-year warranty that is part of the total 20-year life cycle. The units will remain on your site for the first 10-years of the cycle, under the intial warranty. At the year-10 mark, the units will be removed, discharged and, where possible, refurbished. You will then be offered a fully refurbished set of 10-year units, at half of the original cost*.  What do we mean by simple maintenance?  The Eco P50 extinguishers, as mentioned previously, will require an annual simple maintenance check to ensure the units are in the correct working condition. The annual maintenance check can be completed by your on-site competent person and this person will have received full training from our installation team at no cost! There are four main points to the maintenance checks: Visual Check – a visual check to ensure that the unit has not been damaged and all pieces, such as the tag and pin, are in place. This should also include checking that the instructions and hose are not damaged. Pressure Gauge Check – this check will be undertaken by using the magnet (located in the unit base) to check that the unit is still pressurised correctly. There are two gauges present to ensure that the correct reading is apparent to the inspector.  Record the Maintenance Check –  This can be completed by using a black permenant marker and applying the date of the maintenance and the initials of the inspector to the unit, within the relevant provided year space. Record on the Extinguisher Management System – this is a FREE system that will be provide you with email reminders 30-days prior to the required maintenance. Once the maintenance has been completed, each extinguisher will be recorded as a pass or fail on the system. How can ecoextinguishers benefit your park or premises? £5.00 Exclusive Caravan and Park Operators Magazine Discount! Use Code: CARAVAN5OFF £5.00 Exclusive Caravan and Park Operators Magazine Discount! Use Code: CARAVAN5OFF The ecoextinguishers offer various benefits to your site, ranging from cost savings to ensuring your park is doing it’s part in our national move towards sustainability. There are also several unique benefits that could be very benficial to your location including: UV Protective Casing – Each extinguisher is manufactured with a special UV protective casing allowing the extinguishers to be placed outisde with no risk of sun bleaching/damage Marine Grade Anti-Corrosive Component- The units have a marine grade anti-corrosive compontent which ensures their ability to be kept outside if required and removes the risk of corrosion  Kevlar Woven Core – Units are fited with a Kevlar Aramid type woven core for incredible strength Pressure Fail Safe – as the extinguishers may be placed in high-traffic areas, including those with large vehicles, the ecoextinguisher has been designed with a pressure release. In the event of the extinguisher being damaged, e.g. run over or cracked, the pressure and contents will be released from the bottom. This ensures that, unlike standard steel units, the Eco will not explode Assisting Staff Understanding – Full training will be given to the relevent competent person/s for the site. This will ensure that your staff have a full understanding of how the units work Safer to Use – as the Eco units cover Class A & B fires as well as live electrical equipment, they provide a simplified system that ensures your staff will be able to confidently handle the unit without the worry that they are using the incorrect extinguisher type. These are also much lighter than traditional steel units Free Extinguisher Replacement if an ecoextinguisher is used during a fire related incident with FRN proof! Free Extinguisher Replacement if an ecoextinguisher is used during a fire related incident with FRN proof! when contacting us! Site Fire Safety!  For more information or to book a free quotation, visit: email: or call: 01635 292444 *This may be subject to change based on material price increase.  

Expressions of Interest for an opportunity to lease


South Hams District Council invites expressions of interest, including offers and proposals for a lease of the Land to the East of Steamer Quay Road, Totnes (as shown edged red below) to be used as a Touring Caravan Park within the definition of part 1 of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. This site has been operated as a touring caravan site for some years and as such is well established and is popular with visitors to the area. Rarely, it is situated very close to Totnes town centre and is therefore convenient to all amenities, including many restaurants and shops. It is also adjacent to the River Dart with easy access via a public slipway.The site is laid to grass with access drive circling the main area. There are also toilets and a disabled shower facility. Interested parties are invited to submit informal proposals.  After submission, parties may be invited to discuss their proposals in more detail.  The terms of the lease will be subject to negotiation and interested parties should make clear their requirements as part of their proposal. Full details of the company, including financial information, relevant experience, examples of operational expertise and a list of other sites in the company’s portfolio should be included as key points. Land to the East of Steamer Quay Road, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5AL. On behalf of South Hams District Council Contact Details: Debra Barber Tel: 01803 861436 Email: