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How hot tubs can increase your booking rates

People relaxing in hot tubs

Holiday makers are increasingly looking for hot tubs when booking their summer holidays or weekend getaways. According to Google, there are an average 49,500 searches per month for lodges with hot tubs and a further 33,100 searches for log cabins with hot tubs.

They are so popular that on the popular booking site Hoseasons, “lodges with hot tubs” is the only selectable option apart from location and date on their homepage.


Wardgroup water tank

Wardgroup are Legionella Control and Water Hygiene specialists and help businesses to comply with government legislation. 

We offer the following services:

Risk Assessment and Water Hygiene Survey which includes a comprehensive hard bound document and asset register containing records of assessment and sources of risk

Provide a Water Hygiene Log book recording monitoring results, responsibilities and lines of communication

Carry out monitoring and checking regime 

Cleansing and disinfection of systems and tanks

Commissioning and disinfection of new systems

Legionnaires' Diseases Cases Rise By 82% In Past Year

Legionnaires' Diseases In Swimming Pool

The latest figures show a huge rise in the number of Legionnaire’s disease cases – almost double the number of cases were reported in 2018 compared to 2017

A few years ago, the trend showed a slowdown and overall, the annual number of laboratory-confirmed Legionellosis cases in England & Wales was lower in 2016 (359) than in 2015 (390), according to documents published by Public Health England.

But the number of Legionnaires’ disease cases rose steadily up to 448 in 2017. In 2018, in the number of reported/notified cases of Legionnaire’s disease was 814 – a rise of 82% on the previous year.

Legionnaires' disease figures rise in 2018

Legionnaire's disease can be spread from any water system

There has been a worrying and significant rise in the number of confirmed cases of Legionnaires' disease over the past two years.

Overall, the annual number of laboratory-confirmed Legionellosis cases in England & Wales was lower in 2016 (359) than in 2015 (390).  But the number of Legionnaires' disease cases rose to 448 in 2017. In 2018, in the eight months up until the end of August, the number of reported/notified cases of Legionnaire’s disease was already 447.

Controlling Legionella in Caravan and Holiday Parks

Controlling Legionella in Caravan and Holiday Parks

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. It is caused by the legionella bacteria which can develop in any system where water is stored at temperatures favourable to its growth; water tanks, calorifiers, hot and cold-water systems, pools and spas.

On caravan and holiday parks, the statutory duty holder for the premises is responsible for making sure the site is risk assessed, and ensuring that regular checks are carried out to prevent the conditions occurring that might allow the bacteria to grow. Failing to comply can result in serious health implications and even death in some cases. Businesses also risk severe fines or, in the worst cases, prosecution for involuntary manslaughter.

Making water go further

Maragowan caravan site

Caravan and Motorhome Club seizes opportunities to make the water used on their sites go further in new water market

The Caravan and Motorhome Club is a pioneer, leading the way by seizing the benefits available for the Club – and its members - from the new water market in England. 

The company, which has more than 200 sites across the UK, has chosen Water Plus as its business water retailer. 

The Caravan and Motorhome Club said the people at Water Plus and their knowledge and experience were key factors in their choice of a water retailer.  

Andrews Water Heaters revamps leading sizing tool for caravan and campsites


Andrews Water Heaters has launched a new and improved version of its original sizing tool for water heater specification: Size-it. Quicker, personalised and now accessible online on any device, specifiers working on caravan and campsite projects can instantly get a recommendation on the most suitable water heaters with just a few clicks.    


Pipekit Helps Local Caravan Park Achieve Perfect Pitch

Pipekit Helps Local Caravan Park Achieve Perfect Pitch

Owners of Cartref Caravan and Camping site in Ford Heath, Shrewsbury have selected Pipekit to supply all pipework needs for its ongoing drainage and pitch improvements, as they seek to create an award winning, family camping and caravanning site.


CS Towers Company purchased the site in June 2015 having been impressed with the basic imprint and set about on an extensive refurbishment programme to drive up standards.  The Cartref team wanted to work with local suppliers, where possible, and having met Shrewsbury based Pipekit at a local trade show - Salop Leisure - they were impressed with Pipekit’s breadth of product choice and technical expertise.