Do you own a holiday home or are you a holiday park owner?

Having a hot tub as part of a holiday accommodation package is becoming more of a requirement, than an optional extra, as holidaymakers have become more aware of the proven lifestyle and health benefits of exercise and hydrotherapy.


The interest in hot tubs has grown rapidly and they have become a very popular internet search term, so investing in them should assist you to increase your bookings and therefore your revenue! It is important to get the right equipment and then to have the correct water hygiene management and maintenance regimes in place. Poor quality products can wreak havoc with your business and will not only inconvenience your guests but could potentially be a court case waiting to happen!

Do you own a holiday home or are you a holiday park owner?

Equally important, is to know your responsibilities for looking after equipment and having copies of important industry publications, such as HSE/HPA’s ‘Management of Spa Pools: Controlling the risks of infection and the HSE L8 ACOP and HSG 282. There is also relevant British Standards on Risk Assessments to comply with (BS 8580). Rather than having to look for the information from a variety of sources, the best place to access this type of information is through the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA). 


BISHTA works with industries involved in holiday accommodation to ensure everyone is working towards the recognised guidelines and businesses know their health protection responsibilities. BISHTA is a nationally recognised organisation which set the standards in the hot tub industry. The association ensures that hot tub member companies maintain those standards, therefore if you are looking to purchase equipment, chemicals or need maintenance you know that you can find a quality product and service. Members trade under a code of ethics offering customers peace of mind essential when you want to place an order.


For more information on about joining BISHTA and  to download a free factsheet about the responsibilites of holiday accomodation providers with hot tubs/swimspas -  visit:

BISHTA – the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association

T: 01264 356211

Do you own a holiday home or are you a holiday park owner?

December 1, 2017

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