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The Mayfield Group by Epwin PLC


Following the recent acquisition of The Mayfield Group by Epwin PLC, Caravan Industry and Park Operator Magazine asked the former family business what was new for 2023 and what was likely to change, here’s what they had to say…

Owners Mike and Debbie Jarmey started the company in 1989 supplying prefabricated steps for Holiday Homes. This quickly grew into platforms and eventually the design and installation of luxury sundecks. Snugs, canopies, ramps and outdoor kitchens are the norm these days as an increasing population choose to enjoy the outdoor life on holiday parks up and down the country.

Mayfield remain committed to delivering a superior customer experience underscored with value for money. They are also no strangers to pioneering and setting industry trends and are proud to announce the arrival of two new innovations as they start their journey as part of a larger Group.

mayfeildDealing from the bottom of the Deck…

Mayfield have been fitting sundecks to holiday and residential park homes for 34 years and over that time have used high quality, treated timber to form the supporting subframe. That is until now! 

Mindful of the impact deforestation is having on the environment and wanting to provide its clients with a more responsible choice, Mayfield have developed a modular aluminium framing system known as Legacy on which to build its Decks.Designed and manufactured to their own specification, this modular system has been developed to replace timber subframes and supporting structures in their legendary sundecks making them completely timber-free.

In making this transition they discovered some interesting facts, for example, for every tree that is cut down a further 20 surrounding trees can be damaged. When hearing these statistics, they were even more determined to make the change and reduce their dependency on timber choosing instead more recyclable products and setting new standards in the industry.

Finding a sustainable decking material is not as easy as you’d think, as Mayfield found out. They looked into several materials including composite timber and galvanised steel. After extensive research, aluminium became a clear winner due to its sustainability, availability and cost. Apart from already being made from recycled aluminium which uses 95% less energy than virgin material, it can be recycled infinitely and its reduced weight lowers emissions when transporting. A great deal of thought also went into the design and testing of the profile for the subframes to optimise performance and durability. Aluminium is both strong and lightweight meeting British Standard BS6399 structural load testing.

MD Mike Jarmey says that seeing the aluminium subframes in-situ for the first time is “a work of art to be honest. When you see it before it’s decked its almost too good to be covered over in boards. It just looks fantastic!”

Fire Rated

Mayfield take safety very seriously and one of the challenges they faced when looking at alternative materials was fire resistance. While the product had to be a sustainable alternative to timber, it was important that the materials had to have excellent fire-resistant credentials. This ruled out composite materials early on as they have poor, if any, fire ratings. Legacy Aluminium subframes are completely fireproof and in combination with Mayfield’s Hampton decking, they have a system that is ‘Class 0’ fire rated. 

Impervious and rust free

Best of all, Aluminium is impervious to moisture and cannot rust, it is also unaffected by insect and fungal attack that other materials suffer from which greatly reduces their lifespan. Mayfield claim that aluminium subframes combined with their weatherproof Hampton decking gives owners a deck that’s built to last, ultra-low to maintain, and fully recyclable at the end of their life.

mayfeildWhat about the trees?

There is a saying that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. Mayfield think the second-best time is now. Working with their global partner more:trees, Mayfield are planting three new trees for every aluminium deck fitted ensuring they leave a lasting legacy.

If you’re tired of looking at unsightly gas bottles stood beside your home or around the park, Mayfield have an answer for that too.

Building on their knowledge of aluminium frames and using existing UPVC materials, the company has produced a purpose-built Gas Bottle Cover that personifies form over function. Designed by their engineering team to conceal 2 x 47Kg gas bottles, this unit enhances the look of any holiday home. Weighing less than 23kg, the lightweight construction makes it easy to manoeuvre into position and safely secure using the strap provided. 

Inherently safe and strong

The robust structure is visually appealing and able to withstand year-round use in all weathers. Quick and easy access to your gas supply is essential especially in an emergency. The clever design not only allows for this but also promotes airflow to prevent the build-up of any escaping gas. The materials are Class 0 Fire-rated giving peace of mind.




Low Maintenance

Mayfield’s Gas Bottle Cover is built to last using carefully selected materials which require no maintenance over their lifetime. No more painting or sealing, just the occasional wipe over to keep them clean. 

Sustainable products in an array of colours to suit your home

Just like their sundecks, they’ve gone timber-free. The aluminium frame is manufactured from recycled material and the panels are made from recycled UPVC. Both can be recycled again at the end of their life with no need for landfill.

No matter what colour of home or van you have, there is a colour that will complement it and, in most cases, match the colour of your sundeck and skirting. Available in White, Cream, Slate Grey, Golden Oak, Dark Brown and Forest Green.






Simple self-assembly

The unit comes in flatpack with easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams and can be effortlessly assembled by one person in minutes without special tools. Storage is also made easy for Parks wishing to hold stock as the boxes are stackable taking-up less room. The product is covered by a 10-year warranty.

To find out more about the new Legacy Aluminium Subframes and Gas Bottle Covers, or to get a quote for your next project, you can get in touch with the Mayfield team on 01202 233959 or email them at

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