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Timing matters – plan now for off-season transformations

As the busy summer season continues it can be difficult sometimes to find the time to catch your breath, let alone to take stock and start to make plans for next year. But time flies and it’s important to take note of what’s working and what can be improved to create opportunities for higher returns.

Know thyself…

Failing to understand the business need for attractive and functional outdoor spaces, especially in failing to see them through the eyes of your customers, will lead to poor budgetary decisions and missed opportunities. 

To avoid expensive mistakes it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how it will benefit your customers before undertaking a planting scheme. Prioritise key areas, plan for ongoing maintenance and don’t take on more than you can handle in one go. Know the conditions on site and select plants accordingly – planting the right plant in the right place will avoid problems later. Where required, mature planting can provide instant impact and maturity to key areas, shelter to exposed areas as well as privacy and security. 


Waiting until the off-season to plan landscaping work or planting schemes may seem logical but, since that’s the time when you actually need to be carrying out the works to minimise disruption to your business, it needs to be planned well in advance of that, not least because good contractors, suppliers and growers may be booked-up for months in advance… and the key period for planting trees, shrubs and hedges, and therefore the busiest time, is during the winter when the plants are dormant.

Supplying the holiday park industry with high quality large trees, specimen shrubs, instant hedging and screening plants for over forty five years, Wykeham Mature Plants are experts in supplying instant transformations tailored to the site conditions and to the requirements of your business. The nursery is located in a frost pocket near Scarborough; the Yorkshire-grown stock is guaranteed to be hardy and, as one of the few nurseries in the country to have achieved Plant Healthy certification, you can rest assured that it is free from imported pests and diseases. 

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Advisory and planting services

With Wykeham Mature Plants you can buy time, the most valuable commodity. Mature planting provides instant impact and maturity to key areas, shelter to exposed areas and, perhaps most useful of all, privacy and security to give both you and your customers peace of mind. Utilising the expert advisory services will ensure that your planting scheme will be carefully selected and of guaranteed quality and, with all of the information supplied regarding ongoing care and maintenance, you can be sure that your investment will grow and thrive.

Do you want to give your plants the best start possible? Wykeham Mature Plants offers planting services for the range of trees, mature shrubs and instant hedging.


From relatively small planting schemes to major projects, if your site is within a hundred miles or so from the nursery (for distances further than that a conversation would need to happen first!), site visits are available to provide an accurate quote to assess your project’s logistics and the conditions on site, to help you to prioritise which areas to plant first in terms of the benefit to your business and to help you to maximise your ROI. The fee for the visit is £50 within Yorkshire but this increases for visits further afield. 

Buy peace of mind

Not only are the plants grown on the PlantHealthy certified, 150 acre nursery in North Yorkshire guaranteed to be hardy and free from imported pests and diseases, but stock planted by the Wykeham team is guaranteed for three years – subject to correct aftercare as instructed of course (regular communication is encouraged!) – protecting your investment.

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For more information regarding the planting service call the office on 01723 862 406 or email to discuss your requirements or arrange for a site visit.

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