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Franke Coffee Systems 

Franke Coffee Systems – Here to grow with you

A company that began in 1911 as a small manufacturer, has developed steadily over the decades. Today, Franke Coffee Systems distributes professional coffee machines all over the world from its headquarters in Switzerland. Our coffee solutions are carefully engineered to showcase the best of Swiss innovation embodied in well-designed machines which serve consistently high quality beverages. We provide equipment that enables guests to enjoy freshly brewed traditional classics and customised specialities at the touch of a button. 

Whether you want to prepare larger quantities or offer more variety – coffee, milk-based drinks or iced options, Franke has the perfect solution. Imagine being able to cover the entire spectrum for your customers, from 50 to 500 cups a day. Whether in food service, self-service or as a mobile coffee service, our range of fully automatic machines puts you in the best possible position to serve them.

Create unforgettable coffee moments cup after cup

Does your coffee service during rush hours in the morning and mid-afternoon break create long queues and even longer faces amongst customers? Do you struggle to repeatedly train new staff on the machines? Fast and smooth operations of the coffee machine are a sure criterion when selecting your coffee system, but with rapidly changing consumer behaviour in the UK and an expectation of quality and wider preferences for coffee beverages, this is no longer enough.  Exceptional high in-cup quality is required cup after cup. 

Meet the tastes of your guest with the A-Line

The A–Line modular system with its powerful technology and ease of use, whether attended or self-service, will gain you better reviews and build a loyal clientele. 



This fully automatic coffee machine with a milk system, is a popular choice. 

For larger operations, it’s the ultimate multitasker. Designed to efficiently handle up to 250 cups per day, this machine delivers uncompromising quality, variety, and performance.

One customer who recently upgraded to Franke A800 commented how not only coffee sales rose by 16.5%, but also that the total costs were reduced by 13.7% since operating the Franke machine.



Businesses relying on returning customers need a reliable cleaning solution that ensures peak performance for every cup served each day, whether 20 or 200. The A600 takes care of that. Its fully automatic CleanMaster module with an integrated cleaning cartridge allows for efficient and intuitive cleaning. This machine is an exceptional solution for self-service operations. With a choice of bean hoppers, intuitive self-service guides, and an automatic height-adjustable coffee outlet, the A600 machine puts you and your customers in total control for an outstanding coffee experience. 



In the past, finding space for the machine and finding the right staff may have affected the quality of the coffee experience. But this is no longer an argument that should stand in the way of a great cup of coffee. Our award-winning Franke A300 coffee machine has been designed to fit into the tightest of spaces and still deliver quality coffee, cup after cup. Featuring the EasyClean system and an intuitive display, this stylish machine is ideal for smaller operations.


This semi-automatic coffee machine equipped with Franke’s iQFlow technology extracts more flavour than any other traditional espresso extraction system, giving the customers a consistently delicious coffee experience. Not only do you have the freedom to delight your customers with a changing menu of seasonal beverages, you can also tailor your offering to include your own in-house recipes. This machine can produce 160 espressos an hour. 

Perfect in-cup quality

Many of our loyal clientele commented on the different beverages and choices available, such as cappuccino, latte with hot or cold milk foam or seasonal coffee drinks. “Ultimately, the upgrade to Franke was a remarkable success”, said one of our clients. “While sales increased and costs decreased, customer satisfaction and loyalty increased. The large and intuitive touch screen is particularly important to our customers. They can choose the drink they want on the spot as they can see all the options on offer on the screen. I agree that the user-friendly coffee machines, which are easy to operate without much help from our staff, are particularly important to us in the self-service sector. This allows our staff to concentrate on their main task – serving the customer, not the coffee machine,” says the new partner.


It is on us to ensure your business keeps delivering the same memorable coffee quality day in and day out. That’s why we see you as our partner. We are based in St Albans and have a large customer service team available seven days a week to help you with any queries you may have, whether you need help building a consistent coffee programme across multiple sites or choosing a machine to suit your unique business and needs. Partnering with us gives you access to our long history of industry expertise, with the freedom and flexibility of a highly modular machine.

Your Business

Spend more time providing personalised barista quality coffee, lattes and flavoured drink creations, and less time cleaning and maintaining your machine. Regardless of whether your customers place an order or use self-service, Franke’s flexibility of continuous customisation gives them a great reason to walk back through your door.

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Franke Coffee Systems UK Ltd. | 6A Handley Page Way, Old Parkbury Lane, Colney Street | Saint Albans AL2 2DQ | United Kingdom | 01923

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