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A complete remote LPG cylinder monitoring system. CompacTi uses intelligent algorithms within its patented design to optimise LPG cylinder contents usage, saving money and time via the Android or iOS Smart application, GSM and IoT. Clesse CompacTi

Caravan owners, have you ever had the frustration of running out of gas when you least expect it while in your holiday home? 

Fleet hire managers, fed up of time-consuming checks spending hours on park physically shaking cylinders to see if there is any gas left? 

Caravan owners, and park operators now have the option to monitor their own LPG cylinders from the comfort of the holiday home, and drive/walk by mass collection in minutes respectively with the new Clesse CompacTi device and mobile app. 

How does CompacTi work? 

With unique gas optimisation built into every device, the app will alert when the usable contents of LPG cylinders have been exhausted, to be sure you are getting more gas than ever from your cylinders. 

By just looking at the red flag in the window of the changeover, doesn’t always mean the cylinder is entirely empty, whereby, using the CompacTi app helps confirm the optimum point to get it replaced.

Upgrade standard changeover regulators with the addition of the new CompacTi electronic device, and download the Clesse application, users will benefit from a hybrid electronic system that offers Bluetooth cylinder monitoring and CIesse Integrated Intelligence (CII). Clesse CompacTi

CII is an inbuilt gas optimisation feature as standard, further enhancing capability to assist in using all the possible remaining gas in the cylinders, with a further option to increase optimisation by reprogramming default settings with kW load, cylinder quantity and size.

Using the icons seen in the app, will tell the user in the view screen what status the device is based on the unique algorithms which calculate the optimum time to display when the cylinder is empty.

Not only can fleet customers holidaying in letting homes be confident their gas will not run out during their stay, but a complete free service using “See ACO status” can show how many cylinders around the site on private owner’s holiday homes have run out of gas too, and allow site managers planning cylinder purchases from the supplier for when they arrive to order their gas

Check out this link to the Clesse website where CII is explained in more detail: https://www.clesse.co.uk/compacti/cii-2/

Are there more benefits to using CompacTi?

Other than the money saving gas optimisation, here are more features and benefits of using the system

Fleet hire managers

  • No more shaking cylinders and emergency customer cylinder requests
  • Reduce the time spent out on park exchanging cylinders
  • Install more than one CompacTi device on a single account, and monitor all fleet hire stock
  • Use in app “View” to see devices installed on the account
  • Free “Site Scan”, go and find the cylinders to exchange. Walk or drive by, at a safe distance and improve efficiency
  • Filter the results of collected readings on the app and sort to help you manage collecting many devices in one go
  • Minimise customer contact with park site staff

…and for a small upgrade fee per device, increased features can be unlocked:

  • Allow Multiple users using a single park account to multi ”Site Scan” at the same time to harvest Cylinder status of fleet stock
  • “Site Scan” data from multiple users can be downloaded from server for site cylinder manager to press a button to send to e-mail
  • Trace unread items to capture full portfolio of devices if there have been any missed during data harvesting.
  • Receive Gas orders directly from the App on Owners mobile devices directly to e-mail inbox
  • Improve back-office efficiency to plan cylinder exchanges programme combining harvested fleet data and owners Order Gas mails

Clesse CompacTiAsk your distributor for details of how to Purchase CompacTi

Caravan Owners

  • Put yourself in control of your cylinder supply, using technology and convenience
  • Personalise, with the property name, plot number, address and installation characteristics, such as how many cylinders each side, how many kilowatts is the holiday home demanding etc….
  • Monitor via Bluetooth in your own holiday home on the mobile app, and stop run outs and emergency deliveries.
  • No worries about if your cylinder is empty/full/part full. Take the guess work away
  • See the latest device status live on the app
  • Let the app give you the optimum time to change the cylinder, potential savings and convenience all in one
  • Send your gas order to the site office through the app, minimising site contact
  • The app will even alert you by e-mail after 5 days if you haven’t logged in and checked your cylinders.

…and for an upgrade fee per device, increased features can be unlocked 

  • Take the GSM or IoT versions and monitor your device from anywhere in the world with mobile data or wifi connection to the server
  • Great for the subletters, and those with thermostats who just want to keep the place cosy for arrival. 
  • Your site manager can still use their free “See ACO status” service and check for you in case they need to order a cylinder for when you get there

Ask your park site manager for details of how to purchase these devices

Clesse CompacTi

Setup couldn’t be easier!

Clesse CompacTi
Full instruction booklet and warranty card are provided with every device, and within 5 minutes the CompacTi will be up and running and ready to monitor devices. The instructions can be viewed on the website, along with our handy how to videos section worthy of a watch too, to see how the system can work for you.

Instructions link    “How to” videos link

Where to buy CompacTi?

You can check first if you already have a compatible CompacTR800 OPSO changeover, which have been on sale since June 2020. 
You will need one of these for the installation to work.

Our FAQ section can answer your question on the CompacTi website. www.clesse.co.uk/compacti

If in doubt, get in touch with us at the office and we can point you in the right direction.

Tel: 01905 842020

E-mail: sales@clesse.co.uk        Product selection Webform: https://www.clesse.co.uk/compacti/products-service-packages/

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