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How digital tools like App Clips can support the tourist industry

The British travel and tourism industry has had a difficult two years, for reasons that are obvious. Although there has been a boom in ‘staycations’ over the past summer, most holiday destinations could be facing reduced revenue, if not from lower numbers of visitors, then from the hygiene rules they have to follow for the foreseeable future.

Every pound needs to be stretched as far as it can be, which is why digital solutions are more important than ever. While numerous car parks, caravan parks, hotel chains, restaurant or theme parks have invested in creating great app experiences, visitors won’t want to download numerous things to their phone for just a few days away. App Clips may have the answer…


Jeremy Nicholds

Jeremy Nicholds – Chief Executive Officer of Judopay,


App Clips explained

Apple’s new App Clips, is a great way of giving visitors the ability to quickly interact with an app. App Clips are essentially miniature apps – they’re small enough that they can be downloaded in seconds, and they offer the basic functionality that customers would need, like booking, paying or looking up information. They allow visitors to experience part of a business’ carefully crafted app, without having to download it. Visitors can access a business’ App Clip via QR codes, text message, Google maps, NFC tags or smart banners on websites. As soon as a customer says yes to an App Clip it launches and remains in their device’s memory.

One of the use cases for this is booking: a visitor could book tickets for a theme park from their phone or tablet, paying through Apple Pay, all in a fraction of the time it would take when using a website. It could also be used for buying additional in-park tickets, ordering food, communicating with staff and other services. Anyone who’s owned a business knows the impact “ease of payment” can have on their revenue. 

It’s also important that payments made on App Clips and a business’ own website are processed quickly and securely, which is why digital-native payment companies are essential. Having the ability to process different payment types, reduce fraud with built-in tools and offer data-rich transactions are all important for making your money go further.

The travel and tourism industry may have gotten a boost from the vaccine rollout over the summer, but it seems as though there will be a difficult winter ahead and a long, drawn-out end to the current pandemic. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult period if companies working in this field choose to modernise and use digital tools to encourage spending.

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