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Glamp-Tankology with Glampsan

At Glampsan, we hope that your glamping business is thriving. We know that your business is all about putting your guests first: after all, they spend their hard-earned cash with you, to relax. Moreover, they want to spend time with family and friends and stay ‘off-grid’ and what’s more, glampers wish for the same home-from-home comforts. So, hot and cold running water, a shower and private flushing toilets is a must.
These days getting rid of all that whiffy waste is much more sophisticated than ‘a bucket and chuck it!’ That’s why we’ve got you covered at Glampsan.

Glampsan is a division of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Ltd – a market-leading supplier of plastic effluent waste tanks, potable water tanks, portable urinals and composting toilets as well as waste pumps and spares for all your sewage sanitation needs and, much more. We have over six decades of collective experience in the sanitation industry within the management team alone supplying our products all over the UK and Continental Europe. Glampsan is a new division providing our wealth of past expertise and amazing products to the growing glamping, camping and caravanning sectors.

Simple and more complex solutions

As a new or expanding glamping business, you will no doubt wish to get moving quickly. However, one of your biggest “headaches” might be dealing with all the effluent. It’s surprising how much effluent waste your holiday guests produce in a few days, let alone a week! On average, a glamper can produce around 100-150 plus litres a day of wastewater. That includes a shower and several toilet visits and minimal water for cooking.  Therefore, at Glampsan, we have you covered. We can provide you with simple waste solutions to match your desire to get into the business quickly that require minimal red-tape and few complications. So, our range of sewage Flat-Tanks is a flexible and ideal starting point.Family sat outside of Glampsan pod
Later on, as your glamping site expands, it may need a more sophisticated approach at some point. We have you covered here too with our pumped solutions.
Further down the road still, it might then be time to plan for a septic tank or sewage handling plant.

Glampsan Tankology
Our smallest waste tanks start at 160-320-gallon configurations.
Our most popular products, however, are our larger 500, 750 and 1000-gallon Flat-Tanks.
All our plastic tanks install quickly and, importantly, don’t need complex planning permissions and very little groundwork preparation either. What’s more, they adapt to all the evolving needs of all varieties of glamping accommodations, caravanners, and campers.
Unlike steel tanks, our entire Flat-Tank range is made from sturdy plastics; they are easy to deliver and position. No single-use plastics here! They are durable, lightweight, long-lasting and don’t cost the earth either.
Another essential feature is that our tanks are all low profile. That means that they can install easily, unobtrusively and quickly under (or nearby) any glamping unit, not seen or noticed. Furthermore, they can be easily moved around as your glamping site grows in the future. We have a range of pumps as well that effortlessly and silently take waste away to any convenient location near or far.

There are no ‘whiffy-waste’ smells either.

Our customers love our range of waste handling products, so we think you will like them too.
You’ll see a difference straight away. From the very first day of use, all of our waste systems will make you and your customers happy and stay healthy. That means they will come back again and again.
Most of all, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business with no ‘whiffy-waste’ worries or ‘nasty-niffs.’

Glampsan – a division of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Limited
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