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How Wi-Fi Can Help Create Memorable Experiences at Holiday Parks

Wi-Fi accessibility while in the great outdoors was previously taboo; however, for the modern holiday maker, the option to stream movies, keep up to date of business or communicate with family and friends over the internet, makes for a convenient and pleasant getaway. Online accessibility in hotels is a necessity so why should it not be available while on holiday and away from the hustle and bustle? Apart from the convenience, it is also safer and practical, providing guests’ peace of mind they can connect to the internet at will. A closer look at the reasons to provide guests with Wi-Fi can help you create incredible holiday experiences. 

The Importance of Being Connected As a leading service provider, we at Camping Connect find that Wi-Fi is an important part of a pleasant guest experience. With the following reasons to stay connected whilst on holiday, learn how to transform your holiday park, lodges, wigwams, pods, safari tents or yurts into a truly memorable getaway for every guest. 

Entertainment for the Whole Family  A rainy day makes outdoor activities and sightseeing rather tricky. Wi-Fi allows guests to stream Netflix, Catch up TV or have young ones watch movies, to pass the time. 

Find Things to Do  Staying connected can help travellers find hidden sightseeing treasures along their trip. 

Endless Travel Options  Mobile and fast internet availability in remote destinations can increase traveller interest and overall bookings or lengths of stays, don’t get filtered out from booking sites with that Wi-Fi toggle.

Access Online Subscriptions  Guests will appreciate remaining connected to their paid subscriptions of Sky Go, Now TV, Netflix, iPlayer and related entertainment accounts. This means accessing preferred movies and series whenever and wherever. Free Wi-Fi sign

Discovering Nature Trails  Online searches help guests find nearby nature trails, and area maps.

Make Reservations with Ease  Bookings and reservations can be made while on holiday without having to travel miles to access the internet. 

Creates Routine  For children and adults managing disabilities or illnesses, internet accessibility while on Holiday can maintain a routine and help them stay in touch with friends and family and medical care.

Entertains Teens  Most teens get bored on a family holiday. With Wi-Fi access, everyone stays happy being able to connect to their peers and keep up to date of the latest media. 

Keeping Businesses Connected  As more people work remotely, incorporating Wi-Fi for Holiday Parks and Campsites is more appealing for guests who need to remain connected to the internet. Creating a Full-Service Holiday Sites offering guests Wi-Fi are more popular than those that do not. Create a full-service holiday with simple, fast online accessibility for all. At Camping Connect, we believe in creating the ultimate holiday experience for every camping and caravan adventure. Whether planning an extended trip with the touring caravan or getaway at a luxury lodge, you no longer have to be disconnected from the online world. Our WiFi makes it easier to check an email, keep your business operational or keep family entertained while in the heart of nature. 

Impress your guests by providing five-star WiFi service that performs just like home broadband. Connect each family, van or lodge to secure, personal WiFi network and allow them to stream films and media content to smart TVs, gaming consoles, or laptops. Also, help guests to take advantage of smart sockets along with WiFi-enabled gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home. 

Camping Connect offer a premium WiFi service for your holiday makers which comes with: – A full detailed site survey to guarantee perfect coverage.

–    A home broadband experience, perfect signal in every lodge, caravan or pitch and fast enough to allow guests to stream Netflix and connect smart TV’s.
–    A dedicated broadband and grant funding team to ensure you obtain the maximum funding to get fast broadband into your park – where ever you are.
–    Different business models to suit every park with a 7 day support team and a 3 year WiFi warranty.

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