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Solution From ASL Provides Real-Time Electricity Monitoring

LeisureSmart is a new digital solution from ASL that provides near real-time electricity monitoring for leisure complexes and holiday parks.

Using ASL’s trusted technology, LeisureSmart accurately monitors the electricity usage of each pitch, providing management with accurate, near real-time data.

How LeisureSmart Works

LeisureSmart devices are attached to the electricity hook-up at each pitch and constantly monitor the amount of electricity supplied. The data gathered is then transferred, using GPRS mobile data networks, to a secure cloud- based platform.Caravan Park that use's ASL

Each device is self-powered by a built-in battery, meaning that LeisureSmart does not impact on electricity usage. The devices are quick and easy to install, with no additional cables or excavation required.

Why Install LeisureSmart?

Asset Monitoring – LeisureSmart can monitor amenities (swimming pools, laundries, restaurants etc.) as well as pitches, proving a complete understanding of a site’s electrical requirements. This information can be used to help reduce energy usage and save money.

Multi-Site Operations

LeisureSmart’s data can be used for benchmarking and comparisons, leading to the implementation of best practice amongst sites and generating significant savings.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Employees will no longer be required to read individual electricity meters making them free to continue with other tasks they are responsible for around the park.

Data Accessibility and Security

Stored on a cloud-based portal, data is accessible anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, day or night from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose LeisureSmart

Developed by ASL, LeisureSmart is an accurate, reliable and secure system that provides park managers with the data required to manage their sites effectively.

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