Navigating Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Making an insurance claim should be relatively straightforward, but there are things that can complicate the process. Delays in the resolution of a claim can cost a park business money. In the worst-case scenario a claim may be rejected altogether. The following top tips from Compass illustrates what park owners and managers can do to […]

What insurance risks do holiday park customers face in winter?

holiday park in the winter, insurance risks

This month, Leisuredays Business Development Manager Steve Parker looks at the insurance risks faced by holiday park customers in winter. Each winter, both park owners and insurance brokers often brace themselves for stormy weather or freezing temperatures. Unfortunately holiday caravans are not as well insulated as our homes and seaside parks can bear the brunt of turbulent weather. Here at Leisuredays, our most common winter […]

GoldPark Holiday Caravan Insurance

GoldPark Holiday Caravan Insurance

The conduct of insurance activities is becoming more complex as FCA rules and regulations continue to evolve, and now GDPR has added a further layer of regulation.  Whatever your chosen insurance option might be – whether it’s Appointed Representative (AR), Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) or Passive Introducer (PI) – GoldPark have the solution.  We find […]