Don’t let your legionella prevention stagnate

Man testing for legionella

While static caravans may be a great idea, static water is definitely not. David Randlesome of Swiftclean, the duct cleaning and legionella risk experts, explains how essential it is to achieve and maintain compliance with the Approved Code of Conduct for legionella control also known as ACoP L8.  Every caravan park, whether aimed at permanent […]

How to prevent Legionella in caravan parks across the UK


Legionella can be the bane of any business; especially caravan parks. Often festering in air conditioning and central heating systems, Legionella is the primary bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ Disease; a type of pneumonia. A source of relief is that Legionella isn’t incredibly common, though it never hurts to be prepared. For those conscious of the […]

Energy Efficient, Spa Water Heating At -20 Degrees Celsius

Climacube Polar - energy efficient spa water heating

National water leisure manufacturer and supplier Park Leisure Solutions Limited, announce yet another first for the industry with the launch of their revolutionary, energy efficient, Climacube Polar’ Spa, Swimspa and Hot Tub Water Heating System. As the name implies the new Climacube Polar has all the energy saving credentials of the award winning Climacube Water […]

Still waters run risks – preventing legionella in caravan parks

legionella in water

In a caravan park, the only thing that you really want to be static is the caravans. You certainly don’t want any areas of your domestic water systems to be static, as Gary Nicholls, MD of legionella risk experts Swiftclean, explains.   Legionella bacteria, a naturally occurring bacteria found in water courses, thrives in static […]

Legionella Risk Assessments For Holiday Parks

A man using a hose pipe that needs a legionella risk assessment

Holiday and Caravan Parks are great locations for families to spend time together and share memories however they are also great locations for Legionella Bacteria to colonise and form substantial risk to Guests and employees. If the conditions are right, legionella bacteria will thrive, so actions must be taken to control the risks and keep […]

Hot tubs are great for business!

Couple in Hot Tubs

Having a hot tub as part of a holiday accommodation package is becoming more of a requirement, than an optional extra, as holidaymakers have become more aware of the joy of being in warm water, with the proven lifestyle and health benefits of exercise and hydrotherapy. The interest in hot tubs has proliferated, and they […]

Minimising the risk of legionella in Caravan & Holiday Parks

Woman in a legionella free hot tub

As people are becoming far more aware of, legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. It’s actually far more common than was firstly believed, with more and more cases  being diagnosed.  Caravan and holiday parks can present a particularly high level of risk due to the seasonal nature of their business, the wide range […]

Experts in Legionella Control, Water Hygiene and Water Treatment Services

Woman in a clean hot tub that has been tested for Legionella

With nearly 35 years` experience, we take great pride in our ability to provide expert advice and experience on a range of specialist water hygiene related services, Legionella assessments and treatment issues. Our customers can benefit from the peace of mind that they are 100% compliant and that all of their staff, customers and visitors can feel safe from […]