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Lanchester wines: First impressions count

  • We are looking at how the food and beverage/wine outlets within holiday parks are not only vital for the holiday of their guests but also to maximise profits on the site. There are so many holiday parks these days, its important for holiday parks to keep up to date with the latest trends, unique products etc to set themselves apart from other sites.

Heather Scott is key account manager at Lanchester Wines:

Elevating the customer experience within caravan parks is about crafting memorable moments that linger long after the holiday ends. Wine, often synonymous with celebration and indulgence, presents a golden opportunity for parks to enhance customer satisfaction while boosting turnover.

From the very moment of booking, the journey begins. During the booking process, a simple inquiry about the occasion can pave the way for tailored experiences perhaps offering a bespoke welcome hamper, curated to match the occasion as an enticing upsell. Or a celebratory bottle awaiting guests upon arrival, setting the tone for their stay.

By integrating wine offerings into onsite amenities like restaurants and stores, parks can further enrich the guest experience. Partnering with a versatile wine supplier opens doors to channel-specific labels, ensuring a unique selection that sets the park apart from supermarket options. After all, guests seek authenticity, not replication.

In on-park dining venues, upselling premium wine options or crafting food and wine pairings can transform a meal can enhance the customer experience. Perhaps consider the allure of “fizz and chips” which pairs fish and chips with Prosecco or even Champagne – a delightful fusion of holiday nostalgia and luxurious indulgence that resonates with holidaymakers seeking a taste of extravagance.

Lanchester Wines has developed a Back Label Only service whereby we supply the bottle with just the back label (which includes the relevant legal information) and the customer can create their own front label. The wines available include the key super varietals customers know and love, as well as Prosecco and Champagne. Some of our customers have created bespoke own-brand ranges for their shops and dining venues, while others create bespoke labels for each customer. 

Guests on holiday are primed for relaxation and indulgence, making these thoughtful touches all the more significant. By embracing the power of wine to create moments of joy and connection, caravan parks can transform ordinary stays into extraordinary memories that keep guests coming back year after year.

Heather Scott from Lanchester Wines shares insights on optimising your venue’s wine offering:

Crafting Your Wine List:

Give your guests good, interesting, alternative wines which elevate your list. This could be the next level up from the usual ‘super’ varietals, or something completely niche because, of course, every wine list will be different – because every Park’s customer and food offering will be different. Suppliers come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller importers focusing on a region or country, scaling up to larger national composite wholesalers – but it’s the suppliers that make the effort to create a wine list most beneficial to their customers’ specific venue, understanding the geographic and demographic impact of what wines work best, who will be the most successful.

The wine list is your silent salesperson:

Don’t underestimate the power of promotion. Too often wine lists are relegated to an afterthought resulting in missed sales opportunities. By prominently displaying your wine list and infusing it with personality and character you can pique the interest of consumers and demonstrate your passion for your selection.

Embrace Sustainability:

Consumers increasingly value the sustainability of their purchases. Consider the benefits of bulk wine which can reduce the CO2 of transporting the wine by around 38%, which is around 2kg CO2 per KM travelled. Bulk wine is then bottled in the UK in a selection of sizes and formats, such as 187ml cans (single serve) which are incredibly popular for takeaways, events or areas where glass isn’t permitted. 

Lanchester Wines works with wine suppliers who share its commitment to sustainability, and has developed a Sustainable Wine Portfolio

For more information on Lanchester Wines, visit or contact 01207 52 1234 / 

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