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The UK’s leader in Locker and integrated Vending Solutions 

Vending by JSR is a family-run business covering the whole of the UK supplying and servicing automated retail solutions designed to sell goods and fresh food directly to consumers.

The family run business (JSR Services Ltd) is built on egg production and were exploring methods to sell their fresh eggs direct to customers. 8 years ago, they purchased the first locker style vending machine to sell fresh eggs directly from the farm.

Since it was the first of its kind in the UK, some other forward-thinking farmers approached them to see if they could source more.  In negotiations with Roesler Ltd from Hamburg, Germany, they were thrilled to be offered the contract to distribute these machines in the UK. Thus, Vending by JSR was born.

Over the years, due to customer demands their vending technology has developed into larger touchscreen multi-function machines.  At that time, they were the only vending machine that had software control allowing them to have a class leading fully remote monitoring solution called “Vending Web” which is still industry-leading today. 

Fast forward 8 years, Vending by JSR have supplied over 250 vending machines to food producers all around the UK. Financially benefiting them as they take higher margins selling directly to the consumer and with lower overheads selling through their vending machine. 

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Recently Vending by JSR have supplied a vending solution to a Holiday park owner.   During the discussion and design of the solution required Vending by JSR have learned why their solutions would benefit a camper/holiday maker’s experience, while creating additional revenue for the park operator.   Here are some of the benefits listed below:

A vending machine can offer several benefits to a campsite, enhancing the experience for both campers and campground operators. Here are some ways a vending machine could be advantageous:

Convenience for Campers:

Immediate Access to Essentials: Campers may forget or run out of essential items like snacks, drinks, batteries, toiletries and other items they will need during their stay. A vending machine provides quick access to these items without requiring a trip to a nearby store.

Late-Night Snacks: For campers arriving late or those staying up for a campfire, a vending machine offers a convenient option for late-night snacks or drinks.

Additional Revenue for Campground Operators:

Profitability: A well-stocked and strategically placed vending machine stocked with goods your campers are looking to purchase can generate additional revenue for the campsite.

Low Maintenance: Modern vending machines are relatively low maintenance, Only requiring occasional restocking and maintenance checks.

Extended Business Hours:

24/7 Access: Unlike campsite stores or reception areas which might have limited hours, a vending machine can offer around-the-clock access to goods.

Enhanced Amenities:

Variety of Choices: The Vending machines are designed to be able to stock a variety of products In all shapes and sizes to cater to different needs, from snacks and drinks to camping supplies and souvenirs.

Customization: Campground operators can customize the vending machine’s offerings based on the preferences and feedback from campers. Allowing you to add new products, remove old product and changing product pricing and combi deals as you see fit. 

Security and Safety:

Cashless Payments: Every vending machine supports cashless payment methods, reducing the need for campers to carry cash.

Emergency Supplies: In case of emergencies, a vending machine stocked with first aid supplies, basic medications, or emergency tools can be invaluable.

Promotion and Information:

Promotional Items: Campground operators can use the vending machine to promote special offers, events, or local attractions by including promotional items or brochures.

Information Display: Touchscreen digital displays can be customised for operators to display important information, safety tips, or campsite rules.

In conclusion, a vending machine can be a valuable addition to a campsite, providing convenience, generating revenue, and enhancing the overall experience for campers. Properly managed and stocked, it can become an essential amenity that campers appreciate and utilize during their stay.

To learn more about what Vending by JSR can offer please visit  

If you believe this would be a great addition to your holiday park and would like to discuss the possibility of benefiting from our technology, then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team at 

If you would like to see and use one of our vending machines for yourself, then you can visit the Vending showroom at Betty Farm, The Castle Way, Willington, Derby, DE65 6BW. 

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