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Diversification & Innovation in the UK Leisure Landscape

Diversification & Innovation in the UK Leisure Landscape – Q&A with Tom Proudley, Portfolio Director of The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

  • Who is the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show for?

The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is for ambitious holiday park & resort owners and managers wanting to increase their industry knowledge and diversify and boost their revenue.

  • What is rural diversification and why is it important?

In simple terms, rural diversification is when existing businesses enter into new business ventures or set up completely new enterprises in order to boost their revenue. It’s important because it allows rural entrepreneurs and agricultural workers to utilise the land and business they already have, which in turn can increase their profits. 

  • If you have already diversified, is it still worth coming to the show?

Definitely! It’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and trends within the industry. You may have diversified into a campsite, and now you are wanting to open a cafe so that your visitors have somewhere to eat on site, or you could look into opening a gift shop. With everything that has happened over the past year, staycations have become more popular in the UK. Now is the perfect time to progress and perfect your customer offering so that you can provide them with everything they could possibly want and more!

  • What can the show provide that visitors can’t go out and find on their own?

The show brings together the industry leading experts, including over 1000 exhibitors and 500 seminars, all under the same roof over two unmissable days. It has everything you could possibly need and more, saving the large volume of time and money that it would require to go out and source the suppliers, products and services yourself. The show provides the opportunity to test and try the latest industry technology, an opportunity you couldn’t get anywhere else, and presents brand new ideas for diversifying that you may not have even thought of without attending the show.

Holiday Park Resort Innovation Show

  • What about rural entrepreneurs with little or no budget?

The amazing thing about rural diversification is that there really is something for everyone. The possibilities are endless and can cost as much or as little as you want it to. The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is designed for all holiday park & resort owners and managers, whether you own a big chain or run an independent business, there will be something there for you.

  • What if I have no experience in any of the areas of diversification?

The show provides leading industry experts, seminars and panel debates offering all the knowledge, advice and help you need to get started on your new business venture. There are so many different ways to diversify, you don’t need to do anything huge or drastic that is going to push you outside of your comfort zone if you really don’t want to. And if you are up for a challenge, there will be so many amazing features at the show to help you.

  • If I don’t own a lot of land, can I still diversify?

Of course! Diversification is all about utilising what you already have, and no matter how big or small your land, you can create something that your customers are going to love.

Holiday Park Resort Innovation Show

  • What if my competitors are doing the same thing?

Ask yourself what your company can do better than any of your competitors in the current market. You may be setting up a campsite at the same time as a close competitor, but what can you do to make it unique and more appealing to your customers? There are numerous different ways to do the same thing, you just need to figure out what will work best for you and will appeal most to your target audience.

  • What can I expect to see at the show?

With over 1000 exhibitors, 500 seminars, and an incredible schedule of keynote speakers and panel discussions, the show will tackle everything from boosting your offering to marketing and new business strategies. Some of the biggest names and associations within the industry, including the likes of TripAdvisor, VisitEngland and Glendale, will be available to share their experiences and tips and tricks. You can visit our website to see a full list of exhibitors, speakers and seminars, as well as information about the incredible features we have in store for you this year, such as our Business Growth Hub and Green Route.

The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

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