Harrison flagpoles launches Harrison Eco Flag product range as it gears up for sustainable growth

harrison flag pic

Harrison Flagpoles has launched a new Harrison Eco™ range of products and services as part of its sustainable growth strategy. The flag, flagpole and display manufacturer’s eco-friendly range comprises a suite of sustainable products including the Eco Flag™, Eco Banner, Eco Heras Mesh, Eco Display Fabric and Bravura Display Range. Harrison Flagpoles was a pioneer of the Eco Flag™, first introducing the product to the market in 2018. Eco Flag™ is printed using 100 per cent recycled material made from recycled plastic waste including single-use PET plastic bottles. On average there are 29 recycled plastic bottles in every Eco Flag™ the business prints. All Harrison Eco™ products are free from PVC – one of the most environmentally damaging plastics – and are fully recyclable.   The business has expanded and trademarked its Harrison Eco™ range to become a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly display and signage products. The move will allow Harrison Flagpoles to meet rising demand from businesses and charities across the country placing a greater focus on their environmental impact. Anthony Leonard, sales and marketing director at Harrison Flagpoles, said: “Sustainability is a crucial consideration for our holiday park clients and across other sectors too, with many proactively implementing policies to reduce their impact on the environment. “Improving the sustainability of the products they specify and procure is one of the ways holiday parks can achieve this. That is why we have created an extensive range of eco-friendly products, which allow businesses to move away from products made from virgin polyester and PVC to more sustainable alternatives. “The launch of our Harrison Eco™ range is a key part of our sustainable growth strategy and we’re looking forward to announcing more details on how we’ll be further enhancing the sustainability of our operations soon.” In addition to its Harrison Eco™ range, the business has launched a UK-first fabric upcycling scheme. The scheme enables caravan and holiday park clients to return unused flags to the business, which upcycles the material to create new products such as shopping bags, tote bags and even dog toys, which the business donates to dog re-homing charity FLOOF.  Find out more about our Harrison Eco™ range, including how we can meet any bespoke flag or display requirements you have, here. https://weareharrisons.co.uk

Diversification & Innovation in the UK Leisure Landscape

Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

Diversification & Innovation in the UK Leisure Landscape – Q&A with Tom Proudley, Portfolio Director of The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show Who is the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show for? The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is for ambitious holiday park & resort owners and managers wanting to increase their industry knowledge and diversify and boost their revenue. What is rural diversification and why is it important? In simple terms, rural diversification is when existing businesses enter into new business ventures or set up completely new enterprises in order to boost their revenue. It’s important because it allows rural entrepreneurs and agricultural workers to utilise the land and business they already have, which in turn can increase their profits.  If you have already diversified, is it still worth coming to the show? Definitely! It’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and trends within the industry. You may have diversified into a campsite, and now you are wanting to open a cafe so that your visitors have somewhere to eat on site, or you could look into opening a gift shop. With everything that has happened over the past year, staycations have become more popular in the UK. Now is the perfect time to progress and perfect your customer offering so that you can provide them with everything they could possibly want and more! What can the show provide that visitors can’t go out and find on their own? The show brings together the industry leading experts, including over 1000 exhibitors and 500 seminars, all under the same roof over two unmissable days. It has everything you could possibly need and more, saving the large volume of time and money that it would require to go out and source the suppliers, products and services yourself. The show provides the opportunity to test and try the latest industry technology, an opportunity you couldn’t get anywhere else, and presents brand new ideas for diversifying that you may not have even thought of without attending the show. What about rural entrepreneurs with little or no budget? The amazing thing about rural diversification is that there really is something for everyone. The possibilities are endless and can cost as much or as little as you want it to. The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is designed for all holiday park & resort owners and managers, whether you own a big chain or run an independent business, there will be something there for you. What if I have no experience in any of the areas of diversification? The show provides leading industry experts, seminars and panel debates offering all the knowledge, advice and help you need to get started on your new business venture. There are so many different ways to diversify, you don’t need to do anything huge or drastic that is going to push you outside of your comfort zone if you really don’t want to. And if you are up for a challenge, there will be so many amazing features at the show to help you. If I don’t own a lot of land, can I still diversify? Of course! Diversification is all about utilising what you already have, and no matter how big or small your land, you can create something that your customers are going to love. What if my competitors are doing the same thing? Ask yourself what your company can do better than any of your competitors in the current market. You may be setting up a campsite at the same time as a close competitor, but what can you do to make it unique and more appealing to your customers? There are numerous different ways to do the same thing, you just need to figure out what will work best for you and will appeal most to your target audience. What can I expect to see at the show? With over 1000 exhibitors, 500 seminars, and an incredible schedule of keynote speakers and panel discussions, the show will tackle everything from boosting your offering to marketing and new business strategies. Some of the biggest names and associations within the industry, including the likes of TripAdvisor, VisitEngland and Glendale, will be available to share their experiences and tips and tricks. You can visit our website to see a full list of exhibitors, speakers and seminars, as well as information about the incredible features we have in store for you this year, such as our Business Growth Hub and Green Route. The Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show

Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show – Safely Returning to “Normality”

Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show Entrance

As the world is slowly but surely returning to “normality” as we once knew it, we are delighted to be welcoming back the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show this year on the 10th & 11th November at the NEC Birmingham. Whilst we are excited to finally be opening doors again in person, we appreciate that there are some reservations surrounding attending such busy events and mixing with other people after being in our own bubbles for so long. We wouldn’t be going ahead with this event if we didn’t feel it was safe, and we want to make sure that you feel safe attending the show and have the best experience possible. Following government guidelines and advice from the team at the NEC, these are the measures currently in place to ensure the safety of everyone at the event: Anyone wishing to enter any of the Rural Entrepreneur shows will have to provide either proof of double vaccination or a negative lateral flow test within 48 hours of attending – please note that there will be a limited number of lateral flow tests available at the venue, however these will be distributed on a first come first served basis Testing and tracing is supported at the event and all exhibitors, visitors, staff etc onsite will be recorded Visitors have been asked to pre-register for tickets which are being sent to you to bring along with you, to limit unnecessary contact with staff Masks are no longer mandatory as per government guidelines, however they are advised The NEC have also taken extra steps to increase the safety of their venue, including: Testing and tracing is supported via pre-booked parking Touch points throughout the venue are limited Sanitising stations present throughout the venue Enhanced sanitation throughout both days across the venue, particularly focussing on frequent contact services Washroom attendants present to ensure hygiene standards are maintained at all times The safety of all our visitors, exhibitors, speakers, partners and staff attending the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show is our utmost priority and we know that the safer you feel at the event, the more enjoyable your experience will be. We have been doing everything we can to ensure this event can safely go ahead this year, and we are so excited to welcome you to the show, in person, on the 10th & 11th November. Government guidelines are continuously being reviewed and we will update our website with the measures in place accordingly. For more information about the show, including COVID-19 safety measures, visit the website at holidayparkshow.co.uk

TLJ brings the benefits of electronic access control to Holiday Parks

TLJs Mobile Keys Smartphone app

TLJ is a leading provider of access control systems and electronic door locks to caravan, holiday & leisure parks. We are a family-run independent company, based in East Yorkshire but with global reach. From main entrance barriers to car parks, smart door locks on holiday accommodation, smart lockers and even cashless vending, TLJs integrated and flexible solution has it covered. Everything can be controlled within a single smartphone app, for the ultimate guest experience. We are proud to work with customers such as Bunn Leisure and Away Resorts.  RezLok by TLJ is our fully self-contained electronic smart lock, designed for the holiday and leisure industry. It’s compatible with a variety of doors and locking mechanisms – including multipoint – as well as composite, uPVC, metal and wooden doors. As such, it’s ideal for use on static caravans, park homes, lodges, apartments, cabins, pods and even beach huts. There’s a choice of contactless operating modes including key card, fob, wristband, smartphone, PIN code & Z-Wave (via internet). TLJ’s Mobile Keys smartphone app is the glue that binds the system together. It can be used as a standalone guest application, white-labelled for your park or resort, or fully integrated with your own guest app. Mobile Keys is compatible with all popular PMS/reservation systems to automate the issue of guest keys prior to arrival. It’s even possible to build a hierarchy of permissions based on individual requirements. For example, guests do not need access to cleaners’ stores, and may not have the same access rights to on-park facilities as residents. Kids could be excluded from bars and restaurants without the presence of an adult and, of course, access to individual holiday homes can be restricted to only those who need it.  The bar has been raised – TLJ can help you deliver the connected experience your customers demand. At the same time, you will achieve a level of park-wide visibility and control as never before. Let TLJ’s integrated access control systems help define your digital future.   Contact enquiry@tljlimited.com, 01482 830334, www.tljlimited.com  LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/tlj-security-systems/  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TLJSSLtd  Twitter https://twitter.com/TLJSecuritySyst 

Whether you’re a holidaymaker or not, having a great internet connection is a must

Camping Connect Chalet

Holiday home owners and holidaymakers demand high-quality, reliable Wi-Fi and internet connectivity and a home away from home experience.  The availability of fast, secure and dependable internet is vital for doing remote work or Zoom meetings, and, of course, accessing entertainment such as Netflix and catch up TV, as well as allowing owners and guests to connect smart gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home.  Camping Connect is deeply experienced with technical expertise in designing and installing, fully managed, secure guest internet and Wi-Fi networks to the quality and performance levels your guests demand. Your guests are supported byour 7-day helpdesk dedicated to assisting guests directly if they have any queries and keeping your network running smoothly.  All installations come with a 3-year warranty and legislatively compliant family-friendly web filters to protect your younger guests and your business from cyber security risks.  We are with you every step of the way, providing the very best in wired and wireless technology built directly into the fabric of your park providing benefits to guests and owners alike.                  5* Touring Sites  By using the latest computer modelling software, we guarantee exceptional coverage before any work begins on site  For peace of mind, we only use the best enterprise-graded equipment with a 3-year warranty  Time-limited free access provides users with the confidence to purchase longer length packages  Advanced roaming features allow guests to roam through the site and venues while remaining connected  Green Field Development  Our experts will work with you every step of the way to build the necessary infrastructure directly into the fabric of the development  No more waiting months for Openreach – provide your guests with an ultra-high -speed network from the day they move in  Future proof the connectivity on-site with fibre direct to the pitch  Full network integration with smart building technologies                  Resort Park  Superfast WiFi inside every room maximises guest satisfaction  Full coverage throughout the whole complex including gardens, terraces and even car parks with seamless roaming in between  Venue WiFi capable of securely connecting thousands of guests whilst simultaneously running secure staff and PDQ networks  Multiple connection options – including pay as you go, free and try before you buy  Holiday Home Park  Just like home WiFi – direct to accommodation WiFi is fast, secure and easy to use  A personal router delivers flawless signal throughout, allowing the easy connection of smart tv’s and other devices  Support staff are on hand 7 days a week for any network or guest issues  Wireless links capable of delivering 1Gbps connect individual caravans – no groundwork necessary  For more information sales@campingconnect.co.uk  01792 277 233  

Winterise your Outdoors

woodberry outdoor furniture

  If you are planning to maximise your business into autumn, winter, and early spring here’s some top tips on optimising your outdoors for guests. Clean and well-maintained outdoor furniture. If your furniture is broken or covered in algae, customers will judge the standards of the park on this. Look for quality wooden furniture to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.  Or choose metal/plastic and laminate furniture that is easy to wipe down and dry off.  Woodberry offers a range of picnic tables, outdoor dining tables and chairs and benches in wood, metal, plastic and synthetic rattan. Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables are very easy to keep looking neat and come with 25-year structural guarantees as well as green credentials.   Maximise the usability of outdoor space  Outdoor shelters, patio heaters, and lighting certainly helps to maximise the   useability of outdoor spaces in wet and cold weather. It also makes it   attractive to encourage customers to enjoy al fresco hospitality. Electric and Gas Patio Heaters can efficiently heat an area between 6 – 20 square metres, depending on the size of the heater. Woodberry is currently offering Winter Gazebo Packages which include Weatherproof Gazebos or Dining Cabins, Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater, Outdoor Festoon Lights and canvas sides or blinds. Weatherproof flooring – Decking and Paving For winter, if your space allows, move outdoor furniture onto hard standing ground and give the grass a rest. This will be more attractive to customers and work harder for your hospitality. Woodberry offers Millboard Decking which is made from polyurethane. This is hand-molded from natural timber and has all the look of real wood but with none of the drawbacks. It is moisture, algae and rot resistant with high anti-slip ratings. Make a feature of your Outdoors Many hospitality venues are now making a feature of their outdoor areas with themed Dining Cabins and Gazebos. These provide a focal point for your outdoors or could even become pre-bookable private party areas. Dining Cabins can be painted in pastel or vibrant colours to look like beach huts or cabanas. These all prove great for marketing purposes as customers are keen to share their experiences on social media. Get in touch with the Woodberry team to talk through an ideas or for a free site survey. To find out more visit www.woodberry.co.uk/holidayparks Or call the team for a chat on 01926 889922 —————————