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Benefit from years of experience and a bespoke service with Plastica

Benefit from years of experience and a bespoke service with Plastica

In March 2022, Plastica celebrated 50th years of trading in the swimming pool industry. The privately-owned business has built a reputation as one of Britain’s leading independent manufacturers and distributors of swimming pool products. 

Plastica manufactures from its 13,000 square metre factory, located on a 6-acre site in St Leonard’s in East Sussex. It is home to more than 78 loyal staff with years of experience and pride themselves in their commitment to manufacturing and exceptional customer service. 

Products are created using an impressive combination of state-of-the-art factory equipment and skilled staff crafting handmade parts. Their facility produces a range of products for domestic and commercial markets, including Solar, Heat Retention and Winter Debris Covers, Reels, Pool Liners, Relax Water Treatments for pools and spas and Stainless Steel and bespoke parts, such as Ladders and Handrails and in-house ABS pipework. Some if these products are sourced from different manufacturers from around the globe and many are produced in house which is generally their preference so they can control the quality.

At Plastica, they know only too well the energy and money saving benefits of fitting a commercial heat retention swimming pool cover. Fit the right cover on your pool and you will see a reduction in energy bills of an average 23% per annum (figures based on actual independent live trials). Depending on the type of reel system you opt for, a payback period as short as 12 months can be expected. 

Hundreds of public heated swimming pools in the UK may have to restrict their services or even close their doors to the public this year due to the rising cost of heating the water. Leisure facilities are looking to cut operating costs through measures such as colder water, reduced opening hours, and limited showers. Other energy-saving measures such as LED lighting, variable speed drives, and swimming pool covers can all make a difference to costs.

‘Over 90% of a pool’s heat is lost through its water surface’

Plastica’s Managing Director, Edward Campbell-Salmon said “We have manufactured and installed thousands of commercial cover and reel systems from Olympic sized competition pools to freeform fun pools over the last 50 years. Our customers benefit from our products having unique specification advantages as standard. For example, on our commercial pool covers we provide hemmed edges, double welded seams down the length of pool covers (not the width), reinforced leading edges and stainless-steel reels. All resulting in less stress on the covers to prevent fraying, delamination and tearing, as well as a reduction in general wear and tear and ease of maintenance.” 

Fast and Efficient Commercial Covers

The unique and durable covers almost eliminate evaporation and reduce humidity and condensation. Plastica’s reel systems are made with stainless steel to maximise strength, longevity and ease of maintenance. Plastica offer choices to accommodate any commercial pool requirement. Manual for smaller lighter pool covers and motorised systems – to reduce manual handling for poolside staff. Plastica has earned an enviable reputation for installing cover and reel systems to an agreed schedule. Vital for commercial centres that need to forewarn customers about any short pool closures.

One benefit of manufacturing in-house is that it helps to keep control over production and ensures the customer reaps the rewards of a first-class product. With that in mind, let’s look at Plastica’s bestselling in-house Commercial products:


1. Motorised Reel System 









Fully automated cover and reel systems are increasingly popular. The benefits of fast and efficient cover operations include time savings and reduced manual handling for poolside staff. They include a safety features and ultra-quiet motors with soft start and stop electronics to prolong the life of the cover.

2. Light Motorised Reel System 










The Light Motorised reel system is ideal for small commercial swimming pools with a maximum 170sq.m cover. It can be used with a key switch and remote control.

3. Leading Edge










The foam filled and reinforced leading edge helps the operation of heat retention covers and saves on wear and tear. It is recommended for all covers over 12m long and includes all tow ropes and reinforced reel ends.

4. Piggyback Mobile Reel System 









This system has proved popular with schools and local authorities. The dual tubes allow one reel system to cover a pool almost twice its width with ease. It can then be moved from the pool edge and stored when not in use.

5. Mobile Reel System 










This system is ideal for smaller commercial swimming pools and is like the Commercial Piggyback Reel but with one tube/axis. It is manufactured using a 127mm (5”) aluminium tube with nylon end bosses, high-grade polished stainless. 

6. Supercover (5mm) 










Designed to roll perfectly on commercial reels, the 5mm Polyolefine closed cell foam cover has a tough woven top and bottom sheet for heat retention and strength. Available in blue or grey, it can be shaped and hemmed to your specification.

7. Premium (8mm) Heat Retention Cover 










Reduces costs and saves money by sealing the pool water surface to minimise heat loss through evaporation. The strong polyethylene coated woven top sheet with embossed and sealed underside is suitable for hydrotherapy pools.

8. RaeGuardTM Heat Retention Cover 










RaeGuard™ offers up to 90% of the insulating performance of a traditional 5mm foam, but with a significant reduction in the material cost. Featuring the unique GeoBubble™ Technology air cell design and enhanced UV stabilisation, RaeGuard™ comes with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 6-year plus expected lifespan.

9. EXTREME Lining 










A cost-effective system for lining both old and new pools onsite. It is fitted by our own in-house, fully trained installers. The reinforced 1.5mm thick PVC material can be installed at any time of year and is guaranteed for 10 years up to 32°C.

10. HYPRO-70 Commercial Water Treatment 















We also sell commercial weight water treatment in full or half pallet bulk. Our range includes everything you need for a healthy water balance in 25kg or litre bulk bags of granules and tablets.

If you’d like to learn more about how certain products could save you time and money, please get in touch with Plastica Pools. Call them on 01424 857802 or visit their commercial website:

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