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The FizzBang Beverage Co. and our sister brand Beverage Genius, specialise in frozen drinks and affordable soft-serve ice-cream equipment. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of solutions to serve everyone’s needs and budget without compromising on quality and good old-fashioned service. If you haven’t offered frozen “slushies” before you’re probably missing a trick, ever popular with adults and children alike and one of the most profitable drinks on your menu. Slushies offer fantastic incremental sales with huge profit for the retailer; site an Atomic Ice machine where it is easy to spot and with our bright & fun branding you’re sure to increase those impulse sales.  Also consider frozen mocktails & cocktails; the on-trade has seen a considerable rise in the trend for frozen cocktails, our popular Atomic Ice mocktails are available in all the traditional recipes, quick and easy to dispense with no time-consuming mixing – just add booze, or not! All our Atomic Ice drinks  are UK manufactured to reduced-sugar recipes with natural flavours and no Azo colours and available in a wide range of great-tasting flavours. Atomic Ice dispensers and drinks are best in class, we are a major UK beverage partner for Electrolux Professional, renowned worldwide for quality commercial equipment; coupled with our industry-leading service support and innovative ownership solutions, we’ve got you covered! Choose the dispenser that best suits you, we have free stock “bundle” deals that include a generous start-up pack of Atomic Ice syrups, installation, and training with a 24-month on-site warranty! For 2022 we wanted to offer a simple solution that enables the retailer to quickly make excellent profits with a simple plan that keeps costs in check with the benefit of a quality product and best-in-class service support, so we have launched the Atomic Ice subscription offer – simply choose your 24-month plan and get a brand-new machine with ongoing stock replenishment, POS, and a full maintenance & support package.  Pretty much everyone uses a subscription to pay for many things nowadays; from contact lenses and TV packages to cars and lawn-care! We think it’s a no-brainer! Holidays = ice-cream! If you’ve considered featuring soft-serve ice-cream, you’ve probably been bamboozled with the myriad of machines on offer; add in ambiguous or hidden pricing and dubiously cheap far-east imports and it all gets very confusing! We have a range of Italian manufactured machines, carefully selected so as not to break the bank, they start from as little as £1,650 ex vat and all come with a very generous bundle of Jersey Dairy ice-cream, cones, and POS to get you started. The mighty MiniGel range of machines really punch above their weight! The best-selling MiniGel1 is perfect for smaller venues, it holds an impressive 6 litres of ice-cream and its stylish design also makes it perfect to sit at front-of-house; these machines are simple to operate and clean and come highly recommended by us as they represent tremendous value for money.  Stepping up to the more traditional style of soft-serve machines are the K-Soft range, these have a pre-chiller with an 85 portions-per-hour capacity, simple controls and an overnight mode; they are also available as a pump-fed option which gives up to 70% expansion for a lighter ice-cream and, of course, increased yield from the ice-cream base-mix.  Topping the line-up is the Karma machine, suitable for busier venues this is also a pump-fed unit that has a 150 portions-per-hour capacity. Many of our customers create their own bespoke recipes: If you’re thinking of varying your menu, how about offering a thick-shake? “Freak-Shakes” are certainly on-trend at the moment; we’ve seen lots of wild & wonderful concoctions, the recipes are only as endless as your imagination! How about a delicious vegan frozen-yoghurt option? Simple to make and dispense – most of our machines have the capability to produce all sorts of frozen / chilled delights. All our ice-cream machines include an enhanced warranty with delivery & training included. COMING SOON! Keep an eye out for our upcoming ELEVATE coffee solution. As you’d expect from Beverage Genius, we supply the latest quality equipment and products, together with first-class service and affordable prices. There’s a package to suit everyone. Follow us on our social channels for updates!  Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we are exhibiting at the forthcoming Source and Expowest  tradeshows if you’d like to try our products & see our offers please do pop along & say hello! Please do get in touch if you have any questions on any of our offers.      

How to choose safe and sustainable decking for your park

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When developing or refurbishing your holiday or residential park, you’ll want to choose the most effective materials. Decking typically comes up in conversation. It’s not surprising. Decking provides fast, cost-effective outdoor space for homes. Plus, communal areas such as bars and restaurants come to life with relaxing decking areas in the fresh air. You can even create lakeside jetties from correctly specified decking. When you’re not in the know, it’s complicated to choose the right decking. And the implications of getting it wrong are substantial. Having supplied miles of timber decking to holiday parks and park homes across the UK, we can help you understand key considerations and what questions to ask your contractor before going ahead with your decking project. Keeping them safe All construction materials have risks to manage. The biggest issue for decking – whether timber or composite – is becoming slippery when wet. Without mitigating the risk, ‘wet decking’ days can be lethal for all ages. And it’s not just steps that become slippery, flat areas also lose grip when they’re wet.  You don’t want complaints and injuries on your site. Thankfully, there’s no need to endure slippery decking and limit use of outdoor areas when the weather’s unfavourable. Specific products exist to help minimise the risk of injury.  Getting this right keeps your park safer for everyone. Anti-slip decking explained Grooved timber is generally used to create anti-slip decking. A resin and aggregate formulation fills at least two grooves, sitting slightly proud of the timber. This creates a sturdy grip underfoot, significantly reducing the risk of slipping – even when the decking is wet. Anti-slip timber decking is a long-term, professional solution. It won’t deteriorate over time. In fact, the grip is as good after ten years as it was on day one. By choosing factory manufactured anti-slip decking you won’t compromise on the look of your deck either. The resin and aggregate appears subtle, ensuring you still enjoy the pleasure of your timber expanse.  Anti-slip decking gives you 365 days a year use, despite rain and ice. Maybe you want to extend your season? Smart material choice is vital. Understanding PTV scores When comparing different anti-slip decking boards, look for the Pendulum Test Value (PTV) score as this confirms the level of safety achieved. Avoid anti-slip decking without a score at all costs. Wet decking is PTV tested to compare safety credentials. A score of 35 or above confirms ‘low slip’ potential. Robust anti-slip timber decking achieves a score of 70 or above when wet. By comparison, wet composite decking typically achieves scores of 36 – it’s a myth this product is naturally anti-slip. Timber decking facts Its endearing look and tactile feel confirm why timber is traditionally used to create decking. Correctly specified timber decking is pressure treated to Use Class 3, ensuring you enjoy its maximum life. We provide a 10-year warranty for all our anti-slip timber decking. Made from many different hardwood and softwood species, there’s also a wide variety of groove profiles to consider. You don’t need to retreat or stain pressure treated timber decking during its lifetime. Naturally, timber silvers as it ages, yet performance doesn’t diminish. Of course, should you prefer a different colour, timber accepts many stain treatments. Maintaining timber decking is straight forward. Regularly sweep off debris and consider washing it annually – using a brush and hose or a pressure washer. The truth about composite decking An assortment of attractive composite (or plastic) decking boards exist today. Made from plastic and wood fibres, they’re manufactured to look like wood and are generally more expensive.  Many suppliers believe they’re the answer to the slippery deck issue and easier to maintain. That’s simply not the case. Grime, debris, and moisture builds up on composite decking, just like timber decking. This makes it slippery. And PTV scores show composite decking is not naturally anti-slip. In fact, some composites have anti-slip properties, just like timber. Often overlooked, the longevity of your decking depends on correct structural timber treatment, whether you choose timber or composite boards.  The untrained eye just sees decking boards. But below them is usually a timber structure, whatever sits on top. Should this structure fail due to poor specification, your entire deck fails. Sitting in the ground, this structural timber must receive Use Class 4 treatment to ensure long-term performance. Composite suppliers might be less thorough on this point – yet it’s crucial. Lowering your carbon footprint Most parks are trying to reduce their impact on the environment and promote themselves as a sustainable way of life. In fact, several sites have committed to becoming carbon neutral. There’s no doubt timber is a sustainable construction material to choose. Permanently capturing carbon dioxide, using timber from sustainable, replanted forests helps reduce your impact year after year.  In contrast, composite boards demand more energy in production and retain a high oil content. And whilst recycled materials form the basis of some, they’re impossible to recycle at the end of their service life. The boards are doomed for landfill, unlike timber. When you’re trying to do the right thing, timber is the only choice. Questions to ask your timber decking supplier Always ask to see relevant documentation so you know exactly what you’re choosing. Any reputable supplier will provide this before you ask for it. Are the boards pressure treated to Use Class 3? Is the structural timber treated to Use Class 4? Can they confirm your timber is sustainably sourced? What warranty will you have? And for anti-slip timber decking, what’s the PTV score? By taking time to understand the complex specification of decking, and by appreciating the value of anti-slip decking to your park, you’ll gain a deck that serves you and your customers for years, safely and sustainably. We’re happy to answer your queries about timber and anti-slip decking. Treating all our timber on-site, we can also help you with treatment questions. Please call us on 01482 338950 or visit    

Technology: the terminology to futureproof your holiday park operation

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Technology…SaaS… ERPS…CRM… It’s a minefield isn’t it? What does it all mean? And who has the headspace at the moment to think about it never mind putting it into practice?  We all know the quote: ‘Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’, but really there’s never been a better time to consider adapting technology and digitising your holiday park operation. At Elite Dynamics, we’re seeing more and more enquiries from holiday parks of all sizes who want to know how our innovative Microsoft-backed software solutions can make a positive difference to their business. There’s a growing appetite out there to ‘work smarter,’ so where do you start with taking the first step into transforming and, more importantly in this current climate, futureproofing your holiday park operation? Firstly, let’s debunk some of those acronyms… SaaS  This basically means ‘Software as a Service’ and is a cloud-based system accessed over the internet. SaaS provides you with full access to your software on-demand without any extra infrastructure or hardware costs. This could equate to some quite significant annual cost-savings for holiday parks, particularly smaller park operators. Elite Dynamics customers on the SaaS model automatically have instant access to the very latest Microsoft updates and subscriptions – making sure they stay at the forefront of technical advancements and facilitate business growth.  ERP  This stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’. Put simply, an ERP system brings together everything your business needs in one central place. Sales, park operations, finance, bookings, marketing, human resources, customer data and more, are all in one database to automate, streamline, and improve the efficiency of your holiday park operation. With an ERP system, you can finally move away from trawling two or three different systems or never-ending Excel spreadsheets and have valuable customer data, insights, and reports at the touch of a button.  CRM  Or a ‘Customer Relationship Management’ system manages all interactions with customers across multiple departments of your holiday park to improve your sales, marketing, and customer service. If you’re looking to achieve a competitive edge in the industry, a CRM system will help you build and maintain the customer relationships that really matter and improve the customer journey. Think of it as maintaining the ‘personal touch’ no matter how big your business becomes. Our EliteCRM can be fully integrated with Office 365 and existing park management systems, and customer information can be accessed in real-time from anywhere and on any device.  When Elite Dynamics was established in 2015, we made no secret of the fact we wanted to shake up a market full of archaic technology, and lead the way in digitally transforming the global holiday park industry. If anything, the pandemic we’ve all been living through has further exacerbated this, and now more than ever is the time for the holiday park industry to get on board with technology. For your staff, our fully cloud based systems mean they can work from anywhere and on any device, whether they are in the office, out on-park or working from home.  For your holiday customers, you can give them the reassurance that everything they need can be accessed remotely, both before they arrive and during their stay. Whether that’s making and amending bookings, following new contactless check-in procedures, and reading on-park maps and facilities information, to booking leisure activities, gas bottle ordering or recurring invoice payment processing. It will all be at their fingertips.  It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch with technology or you’re considering switching IT systems, our highly professional, hugely experienced, and passionate team will work with you to make sure you receive advice, support and training every step of the way.  “The one thing I’ve always felt with the Elite Dynamics team is that they make you feel as if you’re their only customer. That’s a great thing. I know they’ve got other customers & other projects on the go, but you can contact them pretty much anytime you want, and they will always get back to you and always with the response you need.”  Thomas Scarrott. Director, Vale Holiday Parks.  Elite Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold partner providing IT solutions designed specifically for the holiday park industry, and developed for single and multi-park operators, industry manufacturers and suppliers. The flagship park management system, EliteParks, is unique in the marketplace as it’s the only solution with a fully integrated finance system built on, accredited, and powered by the most up to date Microsoft Dynamics technology. The ever-growing Elite suite of software solutions are available on premises or in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.   For more information or to arrange a demonstration of Elite Dynamics’ industry-focused solutions, visit or call 0161 641 8926 and let Elite Dynamics digitally transform your business.  

‘Staycation’ boom continues

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TVC have a long history of working relationships in the Holiday Park and Leisure industry, with a wealth of experience in supplying and installing professional audio-visual solutions and appliances. As the industry becomes more competitive and the ‘Staycation’ boom continues, we can advise you on how to provide the best guest experience using our extensive knowledge. Over the last twenty-five years, we’ve seen the Holiday Park and Leisure industry grow and change in terms of what customers expect from their stay, and in terms of what parks are offering their visitors. We can make sure you stay on top of the latest technologies and provide an innovative and cost-effective solution to any venue, which can help improve customer satisfaction levels, improve guest engagement levels, and improve the bottom line! We stock and install the industry’s leading brands, supplying a range of products, from TVs, microwaves, toasters and kettles, fridges, and freezers to washing machines and vacuum cleaners.  We also provide full technology solutions such as audio systems, outdoor screens, digital signage, video walls and touch screen kiosks. We have the experience and ability to offer expert advice, a fantastic range of products and even installation, all at amazing value. Screens As leaders in AV, you can trust TVC to give you the best advice on all types of display screens. Whether it’s a 4K TV for video conferencing, screens for retail display or the best TV for hotel rooms, TVC can advise and install. The TV screen has come a long way from when we started and our industry has changed greatly – for the better, as there’s now a far greater range of AV solutions covering everything from commercial TV to domestic TV. We can supply and install a comprehensive range of TVs, from all major manufacturers, in a variety of screen sizes. All quipped with the latest technology, including Ultra HD 4K TVs, Smart TVs and DVD-Combi TVs.   Hospitality or Hotel TVs have additional features and benefits such as: Start-Up Screen / Welcome Message Volume Limit Control USB cloning – for quick setup Security Mode / Menu Lockout Find out more Digital Signage Digital signage is everywhere! The reason? Compared with regular signage, a digital sign offers greater impact, is far more flexible and is much easier to update. At TVC we’re the acknowledged experts in digital signage solutions for the holiday park and leisure industry. Digital Signage is a better way to interact with your customers and promote your sales messages. A digital display is quick and easy to update, acts as motivation to purchase and reinforces your specific brand messages without being overly intrusive. Digital signage solutions can be quickly updated with intuitive digital signage software and as most installations are networked, any individual display or all displays can update almost instantaneously. At TVC we are well-placed to offer you our unbiased advice along with many years’ experience of specifying, installing and commissioning effective digital advertising screens. Find out more Outdoor AV TVC have been supplying and installing outdoor AV solutions for several years. We provide a fully designed service, using only the latest technology to ensure you get the best outdoor AV package. Find out more  Turn your outdoor space into a revenue generator! Outdoor TVs can provide an additional attraction to visitors and is ideal for broadcasting live sporting events and outdoor advertising.  Outdoor LED Displays are perfect for showcasing live sports, advertising, digital signage or to use as on outdoor cinema. With a range of IP65 rated screens available, they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. As well as screens, we supply and install outdoor sound systems and speakers. Like our screens, our outdoor sound systems are weatherproof and offer sharp sound regardless of ambient noise. Outdoor Speakers help create the perfect atmosphere in outdoor areas such as beer gardens, smoking areas, terraces or even the entrances to your premises. Find out more  Case Study | Waterside Holiday Group TVC recently provided a mobile LED screen solution for Waterside Holiday Group to help improve the customer experience for their visitors.  The outdoor LED screen can be utilised throughout the day and in the evening, being mobile offers the flexibility of allowing the screen to be located at various areas around their park, whilst offering easy transportation between any of their 3 coastal settings. Read the full case study here Who we work with Over the years, we’ve supplied equipment to major names including Parkdean Resorts, Bourne Leisure, Park Holidays and Haulfyrn Holidays, as well as many other large and small groups across the UK and Éire.  The versatility of our product range keeps us at the forefront of this very competitive market and is why leading holiday home manufacturers and resorts choose us over any other. Making your life easier is at the heart of what we do and at TVC we can help you stand out from the crowd with the latest technology solutions.  Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss any requirements you have, no matter how big or small your needs are. 01204 377 692