Connect to the future in 2019 

Airband - future technology

Why caravan park owners need to invest in broadband to reap huge future business benefits. Beyond the ongoing debate about Brexit, statistics are telling a sunny story for the UK’s travel and tourism sector. 

Annual statistics released in July this year by both Visit Britain and the Office for National Statistics revealed that a record-breaking 39.2 million visits were made by overseas tourists to the UK in 2017, with the latest domestic ‘staycation’ figures showing that residents across Great Britain took a total of 120.7 million overnight visits to destinations in England, Scotland and Wales in 2017.

This boom in the travel and tourism sector is reflected in the rising demand for ‘experiential’ holidays, glamping, and other quirky holiday lets.

Electric cars - what does this mean for caravans and motorhomes?

Electric cars - what does this mean for caravans and motorhomes?

Electric cars are one of the next big things on the market, but are they going to replace the classic holiday caravan? Like it or not, it seems as though they’re here to stay, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be changing.

These days, caravans and motorhomes are often described as being too wasteful or inefficient considering they’re essentially an entire house, albeit a small one. However, with the improvements in electric engines and appliance, we might be seeing caravans turning up alongside electric lease cars in the near future, with their own 100-percent-electric solar-powered cooking equipment. Not only will this be a greener caravan, but if you combine it with an electric car, you’ll keep your destination unpolluted and the air fresh no matter how long you spend there.

New EPoS system allows holiday park company to achieve new levels of efficiency

New technology improves efficiency for family-run park

A family-run holiday park company that boasts almost 100 years of history is embracing modern-day efficiency with state-of-the-art technology. 

Lyons Holiday Parks needed to integrate transactions in bars, offices, hotels, shops, and reception areas across seven of its ten sites across North Wales and Cumbria. 

Previously the company used a number of isolated tills and processes. These did not link with its central accounts system, meaning staff had to input much of the sales data captured manually. This was time consuming and inefficient, hampering business growth.

Digital detox? "Not us!" Dorset park guests tell BBC

Digital detox? "Not us!" Dorset park guests tell BBC

Guests at a Dorset holiday park spoke for the nation this August when BBC television news decided to find out just how addicted we are to our digital devices.

TV reporter Emma Simpson travelled to South Lytchett Manor holiday park near Poole to pose the question: "Could you ever bear to switch off, even on holiday?" The answer was an emphatic "No!" – but with the proviso that no-one felt like a slave to their devices, and everyone gave priority to simply enjoying their holiday.